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AIDS Vaccine Research Results Depicted in a Custom 4-Panel Line and Symbol Plot

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Download this project to learn how to make the graph.

A group of researchers including Nadeem Sheikh at the Washington National Primate Research Center are currently performing in depth research into the development and assessment of AIDS vaccine efficacy.

In figure 1A, the two-panel graph shows the long-term loss of circulating CD3/4+ cells in unimmunized individuals (naïve), whereas immunized subjects show initial loss and then recovery of helper T cells. The researchers wanted to know whether the initial loss of cells in the immunized subjects was as great and rapid as observed with the naïve individuals and therefore used Origin's statistical features to assess the difference between the two groups (Fig. 1B).

This project was provided by:
Nadeem Sheikh PhD, WaNPRC,
University of Washington, Seattle, WA 98105

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