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Multi-Panel Graph for Analytical Optimization Study

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Reference: Moses and Huang, JOSA B 28, p.812 (2011).

Submitted by:
Dr. Jeffrey Moses, Research Scientist at MIT in the Research Laboratory of Electronics

"I regularly encourage my colleagues and students to use OriginLab for the presentation of research data, especially when the careful visualization of a complex dataset will make a difficult concept transparent. For example, this figure is taken from a published analytical optimization study performed to aid our construction of a broadband optical amplifier. In panels (a) and (c) it was necessary to visualize the correlation between two independent variables, time and wavelength, while comparing the variation of four dependent parameters requiring two separate scales. OriginLab is far superior to other packages in this area, since the linking of axes both for dependent and independent variables and the independent manipulation of multiple layers is part of its core functionality. Adding to this the ease of labeling datapoints and adding graphics to plots made it easy to communicate the relationship between plots in a multi-panel figure. Here, we were able to clearly show the tie between the initial conditions (a), dynamics (b), and final results (c) as optimization parameters were varied. The ease of creating these plots is not just valuable to us for preparing finished figures for conference presentations and journal publications. Since we can quickly and efficiently create them, we use OriginPro for the regular discussion of our work while in progress."

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