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Polar Plot with Error Bar

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Learn how to create this graph here.


This graph is a polar scatter graph with error bar.

In Origin, the polar coordinates system consists of a round coordinate and a vertical coordinate. In this graph, the round coordinate represents the angular, and the vertical coordinate (at left), which consists of two axes extending in opposite directions, represents the radius.

The source data contains three columns: Angular, Radius, and Error of Radius.

In the polar graph window, by clicking the buttons or radio box at the top, you can:

  • Modify the starting and ending angular values, as well as the increment.
  • Set the angular increment clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Select Fixed From 0 or Use Y-Axis Range to set the center of the polar graph. See more details.

You can further customize axis settings (e.g., modify the Radial Grids) in the Axis dialog.

As with the Cartesian coordinates error bar, you can customize the polar coordinates error bar in the Error Bar tab of the Plot Details dialog.


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