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Annual Maintenance Service

Benefits of Maintenance Service

As long as your maintenance service is current, you will have the following benefits:

  • Free software upgrades:
    Two major versions released each year.
  • Priority product and license support.
  • Home-use license:
    Home-use licenses are a benefit of your Maintenance Service for indivdual and group perpetual licenses. They are provided as a convenience for you to work with Origin on your home computer. The home-use license expires when your Maintenance Service expires. When the Maintenance is renewed, the home-use license is automatically extended. You simply need to re-activate the license on your home computer.
  • Transfer license to another computer from our website, even if your old computer is no longer available.
  • Tools on our website for administrators to effectively manage and maintain group/network licenses.
  • Access to beta version of upcoming releases.
  • Discount on OriginLab certified training and consulting.

Note: For countries other than the US and Canada, please contact your Origin Distributor as some benefits such as the technical support period may be different.

With our Maintenance Service, you will always get the latest version of our products, priority support, and special discounts. The first year of maintenance service is included in the purchase price of all license types.

(For US and Canada only. For other countries, please contact your Origin Distributor.)

License Type

Maintenance Renewal

Perpetual (non-expiring)

  • On time renewal of Maintenance is priced at 20% of the license of the full product list price
  • After expiration date, the license needs to be upgraded to the latest version
  • Discounted pricing available for multi-year renewals

  • Quote for Maintenance Renewal (US/CAN)

Annual (expiring)

  • Maintenance is included for all Annual expiring licenses and is tied to the expiring date of the license
  • If you are seeing a Maintenance expiring message, this means your Annual license is also expiring and it is time to renew
  • The renewal cost is the full annual subscription cost
    Quote for License Renewal(US/CAN)

Student Version (expiring)

  • Student Licenses have a limited Maintenance plan which includes only the benefit of software upgrades (except when purchased through OnTheHub)
  • If you are seeing a Maintenance expiring message, this means your Student license is also expiring and it is time to purchase a new one, if you are still a student:

  • Buy another Student License (US/CAN)

"Without a doubt, your customer care team provided the fastest service ANYWHERE!  Thanks, now I can finish a last minute project before I go home."

Dennis G. Bowman, P. E.
VP Engineering
Alfred Conhagen, Inc.

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