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OriginLab Trainer Certification Program

OriginLab offers a worldwide Trainer Certification program. Anyone who has a working knowledge of Origin and is interested in conducting training courses can participate and get certified. The certification program may be particularly beneficial for large sites where an expert user may want to get certified in order to train other staff members on a continued basis.

Certification courses are offered at different levels depending on the level of Origin product knowledge of the applicant. Our knowedgeable staff with many decades of combined experience with Origin will work one-on-one with you during the certification process. You will be provided with standard material for your training needs. Your name will also be listed in the OriginLab list of certified trainers.

OriginLab requires certified trainers to attend a re-certification course any time a major version of Origin is released.

For further details on how to get certified, please contact us.

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