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Programming Training

Course Description

This course covers LabTalk Script Programming for Automation and Batch Processing, Origin C programming and creating custom X-Functions using Origin C.

This course will benefit Origin users familiar with GUI operations in Origin, and want to customize and automate tasks using programming.


Experience using Origin GUI and familiarity with general programming concepts. A clear understanding of your own customization needs is desirable, so the instructor can tailor the training to best meet your needs.


Please see our list of certified instructors

Course Outline

  • Introduction to the Command Window.
  • Basics of LabTalk Scripting.
  • Addressing Data from Script.
  • Accessing Analysis Tools from Script.
  • Accessing Analysis Results from Script.
  • Automating Graphing and Analysis Tasks from Script.
  • Introduction of Origin C and Code Builder.
  • Internal Origin Objects.
  • Accessing NAG Functions.
  • COM Client.
  • Introduction to X-Functions.
  • Creating a Custom X-Function.
  • Creating Custom Toolbars and Custom Menus.

Note: The instructor will tailor the topics to meet your specific needs.

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