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Custom Training and Consulting

Who Should Attend

Current users who want to customize Origin to automate their routine work. This is often accomplished by a small amount of programming, and making good use of Graph Templates and Analysis Templates.

Benefits to Participants

  • Access to the most experienced Origin experts, which will result in huge savings in time and cost.
  • Work directly with developers who understand the inner details of Origin, to find the most efficient way to accomplish your tasks.
  • Program and customize Origin in the right way, to allow for easy future maintenance of your customization.

Included in the Fee

  • 4 hours of fully customized session with an instructor, to get Origin to do what you need it to do, in the most efficient way.
  • Up to 4 hours of follow-up consulting work by the instructor, to finish up the scripting or customization project, so that you can continue to modify and maintain the work.


Dr. C. P. Yang:

Co-founder of Originlab and the original creator of Origin

Dr. Easwar Iyer:

Director of Technology and Services at Originlab

Dr. Marko Ledvij:

Originlab Senior Developer and Software Architect

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