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Sending a File to OriginLab Technical Support

To send files to our technical support team, please submit a ticket and attach your files to the ticket.

Please note that not all file types are supported when attaching files. You may need to zip up your file(s) and attach the zip file instead.

If technical support instructs you to use our ftp server instead of attaching files to a ticket, then please follow the steps below.

OriginLab FTP Instructions:

  1. Using your preferred FTP program, access our FTP site with the following information:

    Host Name:
    Host Type: automatic detect
    Login: anonymous
    Password: your email address
  2. Place your file in the /incoming folder.
    Please note that the anonymous account cannot download from the /incoming folder - so you can consider your upload secure. Also, we will remove your file after you notify us and we download it. Finally, any files left in the /incoming folder for more than a month are deleted.

  3. Contact us after you upload your file, providing the file name and the issue we can assist you with.

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