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With its rich set of features, an object oriented design, and programmatic access to all graphing and analysis functionality, Origin provides an ideal platform for custom application development.

Simple customization can include creating custom graph templates for repeat use. The template feature can also be extended to analysis, where a workbook with custom analysis settings and desired output can be saved as an Analysis Template for repeated use. Analysis Templates can then be used to perform batch analysis on multiple files and datasets. The Origin worksheet can be customized by inserting objects such as images and graphs and merging cells to create custom reports. Such custom reports can be included as part of an Analysis Template.

Examples using Origin for discipline-specific applications are available in these areas:

The LabTalk programming language provides easy access to graphing and analysis features allowing a user to create custom script code which can be assigned to toolbar buttons for creating quick and easy custom tools. The Origin C programming environment provides in-depth access to Origin's capabilities, including the creation of custom tools using X-Functions. The Developer Kit add-on, which includes a powerful Dialog Builder feature, allows you to to create and access custom multi-tabbed dialogs and wizards using Origin C.

Origin can also be accessed as an Automation (COM) server from client applications such as LabVIEW and Excel, whereby data and commands can be sent to Origin to automate tasks.

A freely distributed component DLL named Orglab is also available for creating Origin project files and other Origin file types. This DLL can be distributed to end users to allow their applications to create Origin projects, which can then be opened in Origin for further processing.

OriginLab offers training and consulting, in all of the above mentioned areas, to get you started quickly with developing custom routines and tools for your graphing and analysis needs.

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