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License Types and Packages

    License Management Options
    Individual and Multi-user Package Options

License Management Options

OriginLab offers individual and multi-user packages with a choice of license management options so you can select a license option that works best for you or your organization. License options include:

Node-locked (fixed seat, computer-specific) License

  • Each computer requires a license to run Origin.
  • A license wizard is provided in Origin to activate the license from the OriginLab website. An offline option is also provided.
  • You can deactivate a license from Origin.

Concurrent Network (Floating) License

  • A FLEXnet license server is provided by OriginLab. If you already manage other software with FLEXnet, you can use an existing FLEXnet server to manage Origin (as long as the OS is supported by OriginLab).
  • You set up a license service on a network server or workstation that all Origin computers have a connection to.
  • The license service counts the number of computers running Origin at same time, and restricts this to the purchased number.
  • The Concurrent Network license is subject to time zone restrictions, which requires all client machines on which Origin is running in the same time zone as that of the server machine.
  • A borrow option is provided for travel.
  • Mixed Origin and OriginPro Concurrent Network Package is provided by OriginLab.
  • You can restrict usage with an options file.

Review the concurrent network package documentation.


  • Available to COM and GOV users.
  • A USB dongle is provided by OriginLab. One dongle is provided per seat purchased.
  • The dongle must be in the USB port to run Origin.


OriginLab offers a variety of Origin and OriginPro individual and multi-user packages for customers in the commercial, academic, non-profit, and government sectors.






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