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Origin and OriginPro Reviews

Journal of Cheminformatics:  February 9, 2018
Key Features and Updates for Origin 2018
James G. Moberly, Matthew T. Bernards and Kristopher V. Waynant review Origin/OriginPro 2018

"...Origin has helped our different research groups better collaborate and share research tools and user developed content with one another using a common software platform."


Physics Today:  August 03, 2016
OriginPro 2016 Review
Sean Bentley reviews OriginPro 2016

"..., moving to OriginPro does not mean leaving other tools behind. It nicely integrates with LabVIEW, MATLAB, Excel, and others; exports graphics directly to Word and PowerPoint; and even allows internal simulations via Python or Origin C."


Physics Today:  February 19, 2014
Origin 9.1 Review
Benjamin Huber-Rodriguez reviews Origin/OriginPro 9.1

"The latest version of the popular graphing software has new features that enhance power and is jam-packed with new types of plots and graphs, but in a stroke rare for graphical software, these new, complex plots have been made as easy to graph as the simplest line plot."


Desktop Engineering:  September 1, 2013
Origin 9 Review
Randy Frank reviews Origin/OriginPro 9

"With Origin 9, users get faster graphics, simplified implementation and more."


Scientific Computing World: January 30, 2013
Origin/OriginPro 9 Review
Felix Grant reviews Origin/OriginPro 9

"On the most intensively demanding graphing tasks you don’t need a benchmark test to show their speed gain; it’s clearly visible as you work."


Desktop Engineering: April 1, 2012
Origin 8.6 Overview
Vince Adams reviews Origin/OriginPro 8.6

"For engineers, scientists and researchers who still rely on Microsoft Excel for plotting and data analysis, the ability to extract insight from data offered by Origin will hit you like a shot of triple espresso. You won't look back."


Scientific Computing World: January 13, 2012
OriginPro 8.6 Review
Felix Grant reviews OriginPro 8.6

"With release 8.6, OriginLab’s data flagship visualisation and analysis product goes 64 bit."


Biocompare Buyer's Guide for Life Scientists: January 12, 2012
Origin/OriginPro 8.6 Review
Jason Nikas, PhD

"Having the ability to present the results of my work in an effective manner is of paramount importance to me. For this reason, I have relied upon OriginLab's scientific and engineering graphics software for years."


Scientific Computing World: September 28, 2011
OriginPro 8.5.1 Review
Felix Grant reviews OriginPro 8.5.1

"In Origin’s core function territory, data visualisation, there are a clutch of detail improvements across the board from using a dataset to specify axis ticks and box plot whiskers through colour palettes, context menus (which see useful revision across other areas as well), error bar plots, histogram bin control and layers, to themes handling."


Desktop Engineering: July 1, 2011
A New Point of Origin
Vince Adams reviews Origin/OriginPro 8.5.1

"'At a conference, you can tell right away who’s using a graphics program like OriginPro and who’s not,' notes Jeff Thompson, a research scientist at the Energy & Environmental Research Center in Fargo, ND."


Biocompare Buyer's Guide for Life Scientists: June 28, 2011
Origin/OriginPro 8.5.1 Review
Guangxing Li and Vargha Talebi

"Origin, and its deluxe version OriginPro, are powerful and extremely versatile data analysis and graphics packages, designed for users in all fields of experimental and theoretical sciences."


Journal of American Chemical Society: March 23, 2011     ( PDF Available )
Computer Software Reviews: OriginPro 8.5
Keith J. Stevenson
University of Texas at Austin

"Overall OriginPro 8.5 preserves its leading status as the most functional and comprehensive data analysis and graphing software on the market. Although other software programs are available, few are as easy to use, assessable, and high-end when it comes to performing rigorous data analysis or producing publication-quality graphs."

  JACS, Volume 131, Issue 2 Cover

Review of OriginPro 8.5 Student Personal Use License: February, 2011
OriginPro 8.5 Review
Jaclyn D. Wiggins-Camacho
University of Texas at Austin

"OriginPro 8.5 is an efficient, comprehensive software program that far exceeds other graphing options. In particular, the improvements to the formatting options and compatibility with the Microsoft Office Suite make the OriginPro Student Personal User license particularly valuable to the student user. "


Scientific Computing World: January, 2011
OriginPro 8.5 Review
Felix Grant reviews OriginPro 8.5

"With the latest incremental version update (8.1 to 8.5, now at service release 1), OriginLab's increasingly versatile data graphics package sees useful improvements and new developments in a number of areas."


Scientific Computing World: April, 2010
OriginPro 8.1 Review
Felix Grant reviews Service Release 2 for OriginPro 8.1

"With service release 2, Origin and OriginPro 8.1 are probably the current holders for most accessible and user friendly tool on the market. The approachability agenda has been obvious in Origin's development curve for some time, became especially clear with version 8, and sharpened up further with release 8.1, but it is the inclusion of 'gadgets' in this latest service release that pulls everything together in a decisive leap forward."


Scientific Computing World: April, 2009
Origin Pro 8 SR4 update
Felix Grant reviews Service Release 4 for OriginPro

"A sparkline is a small illustrative graphic, designed for use as a character within text, adapted slightly in OriginPro as a minute line graph that adjusts itself to the size of a single holding cell..."

"A new spectroscopy wizard, for instance, makes baseline/peak analysis more fluent by bringing existing tools under a single convenient umbrella, and LabTalk scripts have acquired (amongst other things) access to ActiveX Data Objects"


Journal of the American Chemical Society:
January 21, 2009, Vol. 1, Iss. 2, p. 872

Software Review of Origin 8
R. Alan May and Keith J. Stevenson
University of Texas at Austin
(Review published on the web on January 14, 2009)

"Origin 8.0 is a significant advancement of the series, improving upon the usability and stability of previous incarnations. Improvements in the workbook portion of the program are especially impressive, making Origin the top application for data management, analysis, and graphical presentation."

  JACS, Volume 131, Issue 2 Cover

Scientific Computing: March, 2008, pp. 18-20
OriginPro 8 - Not Just for Graphics Anymore
John A. Wass, Ph.D. reviews OriginPro 8.

"OriginLab just took a right turn with their flagship product and bulked up the analytic capabilities while retaining the graphics and making the product easier to use..." more


Scientific Computing World: June/July 2007, pp. 16-18
Making child's play of power tools
Felix Grant summarizes the data analysis software market.

"...technical graphics products like Origin progressively beefed up their analysis options."

"One straw in the wind is OriginPro. This publication tool for technical graphics has long been making moves along the usability and analytic power axes. Release 8, however, significantly pushes up the rate of change for both." more

  Scientific Computing World, June/July 2007 Issue Cover

R & D Magazine: June 2007
Software Processes Images In a Spreadsheet
Tim Studt interviews Mark Kuzyk, an Origin user

"Interactive visual interpretation of large amounts of image data is now possible within a user-friendly software update."

"Origin 8 from OriginLab Corp., Northampton, Mass., is the first software system that allows users to place and interact with charts, images, ...and other graphic representations in an Excel-like worksheet. "

  R&D Magazine logo

Scientific Computing World: April/May 2006, pp. 16
Free to View
Felix Grant reviews the Origin Viewer.

"OriginLab has created a standard for rich transmission of technical graphics..."

"Sitting comfortably in the corner of a USB flash drive, if required, [the Origin Viewer] takes an OPJ file and displays all of its content: multiple datasets, multiple compound graphics, and documentation. " more

  Scientific Computing World, Aprile/May 2006 Issue Cover

Scientific Computing World (WWW): January/February, 2008, pp. 24-28
Origin and SigmaPlot — Only Connect...
Felix Grant used Origin® and SigmaPlot® to understand the effects of industrialisation on groundwater and, in a modest way, to help after the tsunami.

"Over the past few months, I've come to appreciate, amongst other things,... the control and extensibility of Origin..."

"Origin has taken great pains to enhance the general level of data transparency..."

"Origin recognises IRIG directly, and also talks to LabView for a significant reduction in transfer overhead." more


Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling (PDF): Vol. 45, No. 1/(1-214), January/February, 2005, pp. 209-210
Computer Software Reviews: Origin 7.5
Beth Thomsett-Scott reviewed Origin 7.5.

"Origin offers extensive scientific graphing and analysis capabilities, and this upgraded version is no exception."

"Origin 7.5 is highly recommended for anyone looking for an effective, user-friendly analysis and graphing software." more

  Journal of Chemical Informatoin and Modeling - 2005 Issue 1/(1-214), volume 45

Journal of the American Chemical Society (PDF): June 2004 issue (Vol. 126, Iss. 21)
Computer Software Reviews: Origin 7.5
Timothy J. Smith and Keith J. Stevenson reviewed Origin 7.5.

"Overall, we highly recommend the purchase of Origin 7.5. Once again Origin’s developers have extended the flexibility and versatility of this already excellent plotting and analysis software package."

"Prospective first-time purchasers will be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive, competitively priced plotting and analysis package available on the market." more

  Journal of the Americal Chemical Society - June 2004 issue (Volume 126, Issue 21)

Scientific Computing: April 2004, pp. 22-24
Scientific Graphing and Analysis Software — Origin 7.5 becomes a contender...
John A. Wass, Ph.D. reviews Origin 7.5.

"While not an X.0 major upgrade, version 7.5 contains enough new features to qualify for a significant upgrade." more


Desktop Engineering (PDF): Vol. 9, No. 4, February, 2004, pp. 32-22
Don't Just Plot: Customize Visuals and Analyze Data
Barry Simon reviewd Origin 7.5.

"Not just a presentation and visualization tool, Origin 7.5 expands data plotting to include analysis and other mathematical and programming options."

"Anyone in the market for a scientific graphing and analysis package should understand that this upgrade has cemented Origin’s position as the leader in both graphing software power and ease of use." more


Scientific Computing World: September/October 2002, pp. 53-58
The Return of the Swamp Thing
Felix Grant reviewed Origin 7, comparing it to another software within the presentation graphics category.

"Origin is the heavier weight product of the two in every way, with a wider range of capability…"

"Origin really now positions itself as an analysis product for those whose primary requirement is publication of visualizations…"


Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences: Sept/Oct 2002, Vol. 42. Iss. 5/(983-1272), pp. 1270-1271
Origin 7.0: Scientific Graphing and Data Analysis Software
Phillip Edwards reviewed Origin 7.

"OriginLab, since it's founding as Microcal Software in 1991, has established a solid reputation for itself in the data analysis software market; the previous versions of Origin - 4.0, 5.0 and 6.x -received favorable reviews (from…), and the November 2001 release, version 7.0, is no less impressive…"

"Touted as an application "Where ease-of-use and power intersect", this version exceeds expectation…"

  Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences - Sept/Oct 2002 Issue, Volume 42, Issue 5

Desktop Engineering: Vol. 7, No. 11, July 2002, pp. 12-14
Origin 7 was reviewed by Dr. Barry Simon in the July 2002 issue.

"Numerous ease of use and other enhancements have helped address the program's reputation for having a steep learning curve, and the new programming tools are a quantum leap forward, making Origin the premier programming platform for automating scientific plotting. "

"With new wizards and interface enhancements, Origin 7 is easier to use, putting it on par with its main competitors. But in terms of power, flexibility, and especially programmability, Origin now wins hands down."


PC Magazine: May 21, 2002 issue, pp. 41
When Excel Graphs Aren't Enough
Origin 7 was reviewed in the May 21, 2002 issue in the magazine's "First Looks" section.

"With the release of Origin 7.0 (available in Standard and Professional versions), the company has added numerous ease-of-use enhancements and a totally revamped language strategy to leap to a leadership position in the category."

"Origin 7 has narrowed the gap in ease of use and bested its competitors on power, analytic muscle, and capability as a development tool." more


Learning and Teaching Support Network (ltsn): June 2002, Vol. 3, Iss. 1, pp. 31-32
Computer Software Reviews: OriginPro 6.1
Adrian Barnes reviewd Origin 6.1 in the magazine's "Physical Sciences Educational Reviews" issue. At the time of writing, Origin 7 and OriginPro 7 were just coming onto the market. The review mentions OriginPro 7.

"Origin has a very wide selection of built-in 2D and 3D graph types that have a large number of possible formatting options. It is possible to build and manipulate multilayered graphs, arrange multiple graphs on the same page and link multiple axes between graphs. The range of graphical options is enough to cover the majority of scientific needs.." more

  Physical Sciences Educational Reviews, June 2002, Volume 3, Issue 1


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