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Welcome to the OriginLab Press Room. Here you will find a listing of all the official OriginLab press releases.

If you have any questions after reviewing this page, please contact:

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Origin/OriginPro 2024b

OriginLab Releases
Version 2024b

OriginLab announces the release of Origin and OriginPro 2024b.

New features and improvements in version 2024b include:

  • Redo and Undo: Work smoother with new Redo (Ctrl+Y) and improved Undo (Ctrl+Z) support added in more places, including Window positioning
  • Text/Objects Improvements: Duplicate objects at new locations, align object relative to page, edit grouped members without ungrouping, and more.
  • Unstack Date/Time Data: Unstack or split Date/Time data based on Time Interval. Convert long-format (XY) Time Series data into wide-format (XYXYXY...) for easy graphing, exploration and analysis of the sub-segments
  • Time Series Analysis: Advanced Time Series Analysis tools added. Visually explore Time Series data with new Time Series Explorer graph template. A new Time Series Analysis app includes tools for Trend & Decomposition, Correlation, Smooth, ARIMA Model, Stationary Test, Lag & Differences, Spectral Analysis, and Time Series Plots.
  • SharePoint, OneDrive and Google Drive Open, edit, and save Origin projects now on Sharepoint, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Connect to data files on SharePoint to import data.
  • New Graph Types: Streamline Plot, Hierarchical Edge Bundling, 3D XYZ Floating Bar
  • New Apps:Time Series Analysis, Tolerance Interval, Attribute Agreement Analysis, Gage R&R Study (expanded), Time-temperature Superposition, Signal-to-noise Ratio, Extract Ridge from Spectrogram, and ChemStation Reader



Origin/OriginPro 2024

OriginLab Releases
Version 2024

OriginLab announces the release of Origin and OriginPro 2024.

New features and improvements in version 2024 include:

  • Dark Mode Support: Dark mode for the interface and child windows with several shipped themes, customizable graph dark mode background color and dynamic color reversal.
  • Drag to Change Axis Scale on Graphs: Interactively adjust axis scales by click on axis and drag axis ends or press Z/ X key and drag layer boundaries. The axis value will snap to the nearest major tick for easy customization.
  • Sheet-based Browser Plot: Easily visualize data from multiple sheets in a project. Create a graph from a set of columns in one worksheet and turn on the Sheet-based Browser button to show all other sheets in the project that have a matching data structure. Quickly choose which other sheet's data to add to the graph.
  • Binary Column Type for Test and Measurement Data: Convert a column with two discrete numeric or text values to a Binary column, which is plotted automatically with step line style in graphs.
  • Statistical Process Control:Statistical Process Control (SPC) capability has been added as an App for OriginPro.
  • New Graph Types: Tile Grid Map Plot and Split Heatmap Plot
  • New Apps: Statistical Process Control, NIfTI Slicer, Design of Experiments (updated), Power Spectral Density, Youden Plot, Poisson Regression, Generalized Additive Model, and Asymmetric Correlation Matrix.



Origin/OriginPro 2023b

OriginLab Releases
Version 2023b

OriginLab announces the release of Origin and OriginPro 2023b.

New features and improvements in version 2023b include:

  • Float Windows Outside Origin Interface:Take full advantage of desktop space and multiple monitors. Floating Windows have their own customizable Menus, Toolbar buttons, and Object Manager panel. Easily manage these floating Windows.
  • Pin Windows:Pin down any Window within the interface to keep it visible when switching between folders in Project Explorer. The original folder location is displayed on the pinned Window title bar, with a button to easily navigate back to this folder.
  • Browser Graph Improvements: A new Stack Lines template is available, several new controls on the left panel of the dialogue to hide and sort plots, and speed improvements.
  • Insert and Link SVG Images in Graph/Layout: Easily drag-n-drop or insert an SVG file to a graph/layout in Origin. Link the inserted object to the external file so changes update automatically in Origin.
  • Built-in LaTeX Support: Add equations to graphs, layouts, notes windows and worksheet cells. Equations are rendered as SVG, allowing for true vector export of graphs and layouts.
  • New Graph Types: Sankey Map, Stacked Bar Map, Double-Y Waterfall, 3D Double-Y/Z, Scatter Matrix with Grouping, and Sunburst Color by Level
  • New Apps: Brain Atlas Analyzer, Chi-Square Test for Contingency Table, Power and Sample Size for Equivalence Tests, Abbott-Firestone Curve, Extract XY Data in Graph, Rainflow Counting, Sparse Principal Components Analysis, Generalized Linear Mixed Model, Gaussian Filtering in Surface Metrology, Flow Cytometry Standard Connector, and Nicolet WFT Connector



Origin/OriginPro 2023

OriginLab Releases
Version 2023

OriginLab announces the release of Origin and OriginPro 2023.

New features and improvements in version 2023 include:

  • Project Management: Add Folder Notes using Rich Text and preview them when hovering on a folder in Project Explorer. A new Folder and Notes toolbar facilitates "seesawing" between folders, pinning windows, restoring window arrangements, and adding window shortcuts.
  • Worksheet Enhancements: Add styled and formatted worksheets to graphs and layouts to create custom reports. Worksheet styling can include font customization, framing and newly-added row color-banding. In addition, export the worksheet as a neatly-formatted table image for inserting into other documents. Plus, export to MS Excel while preserving format and style elements.
  • Plotting Enhancements: Support is added for two independent Y axes in a single layer for easier creation of "double-Y" graphs. Other new features include smart-skipping of symbols when plotting large datasets; option to sort x values in a line/line + symbol plots without having to sort the worksheet; add multiple custom levels to contour plots; plus, an angle annotation tool for drawing and labeling arcs on the graph.
  • Export Improvements: Several export routines now output a clickable link to the Messages Log; click on the link to open a file directly or to simply open the Windows folder for quick access. Plus, a new hotkey to repeat graph export using the "last used" Theme.
  • New Graph Types: Added Stacked 3D Heatmap and Ternary Vector. In addition, 3D Line plots now have a Spline or B-Spline line connection style option.
  • LabTalk Scripting: New, Unicode-capable Script Window with options for syntax-coloring and auto-completion. Plus, new labtalk://"script" notation for embedding executable script in worksheet cells.
  • New Apps: Bootstrap Sampling, Pulse Fit, Propagation of Error, Classify Points in Graph, Gardner-Altman Plot, Steel-Dwass Test, Effect Size for ANOVA, Torsional Angle Wheel Plot, and Stiegele MDF Connector.



Origin/OriginPro 2022b

OriginLab Releases
Version 2022b

New features and improvements in version 2022b include:


  • Graphic Export: Graphs and layouts can now be exported in SVG format, allowing for easy editing of the exported file in applications such as Adobe Illustrator when creating your final manuscript.
  • Ease-of-Use: New workbook window buttons to add sheets or toggle Organizer panel on/off. Add notes at Sheet Level in Organizer. New dialog to arrange, tile and sort windows, making it much easier to manage large projects. Also, snap windows and drag to resize groups of windows using grab bars.
  • Rich Text: Use Origin Rich Text in cell notes, including label row cells; standalone Notes Windows or Notes Sheets added to workbook. Format text using customizable styles and add graph images and images from project or from the web. Link to result sheet data to create final reports.
  • GeoTIFF Support: Import GeoTIFF. Define multiple regions-of-interest (ROI) on GeoTIFF image and extract to analyze further or create graphs such as 3D surface plot. Moving/resizing ROI automatically updates linked analysis results and graphs. Use GeoTIFF images as graph layer background.
  • Other key features: Insert Images into Graphs and Notes, Simplified Symbol Map Dialog, Distance Annotation on Graphs, Named Range Support for Label Rows and in Regression Dialogs, Remove Formula/Links to easily share Project with others, Adjust Icon Spacing in Apps Bar.
  • New Graph Types: Bar Map for placing bar or column plots on a map base; Spiral Bar Chart (with Colormap); Circular Packing Graph for plotting hierarchical data with sub-categories as circles within larger circles: and Right-Triangle or Equilateral-Triangle Ternary Plots.
  • New Apps: GeoTIFF Export, Tangential Baseline, Color Spectrum Plot, Matrix Analysis, NetCDF Data Analysis, Zoom FFT, Mann-Kendall Test, Radiometric Geochronology Analysis, and Hansen Solubility Parameter Plot.



Origin/OriginPro 2022

OriginLab Releases
Version 2022

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 2022.


New features and improvements in version 2022 include:


  • Object Manager Improvements: Alternating "Plots" and "Graphic Objects" views of the active graph allow the user to hide or show text labels, drawn objects or images, including map backgrounds (Graphic Objects view) or show or hide individual plots, edit plot properties such as line or fill color with newly-added Mini Toolbar support for Object Manager (Plots view). Object Manager also adds support for listing and manipulating the objects contained in Layout windows.
  • New Tools for Manipulating Images in Graphs: New Image window for image editing and manipulation. Open images inserted to graphs to adjust image size, scale, orientation, etc. then reinsert to graph. Insert graph images from file or from the Image window, link an image to an external file to reduce project size, use Mini Toolbars to define a region-of-interest (ROI), flip, rotate, convert to gray, or display image at actual size. Set coordinates of map background images or scale the graph using the scale object of the map.
  • Named Ranges for Worksheet Formulas: Assign names to ranges of worksheet cells and use in cell and column formulas; or to draw Reference Lines in graphs. Named Range can be defined for use at sheet, book or project level. Manage ranges using Named Range Manager. Autocomplete support for Named Ranges and functions, for easier use of these elements in calculations.
  • Other New Features: Add Notes to worksheet cells, import MS Excel notes; new Template Center for picking specialized graph and book templates from OriginLab website; connect to OneDrive or Google Drive account to import Text/CSV, Excel or Origin files; simplified tools for copying or exporting Origin graphs to PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF and EMF file types.
  • New Graph Types: Pie Map, Sunburst, Ridgeline, Cluster w/ Centroid, Grouped Floating Bar.
  • New Apps for Origin 2022: Structural Equation Modeling, Drug Dissolution Analysis, Surface Roughness Parameters, Project Manager, Ternary Contour Profile, Advanced Time Series Analysis, Welch ANOVA, Overlap of Empirical Distributions, Redlich-Kister Polynomial Fit and N42 Connector.



Origin/OriginPro 2021b

OriginLab Releases Version 2021b

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 2021b.


New features and improvements in this version include:


  • Enhancements to Embedded Python: Define Python functions in Fitting Function Builder and Peak Analyzer. Intellisense support added in Python Console and Set Values. Direct support for Python script in Button objects. Access to Analysis Reports, Metadata, and Trees. Acess to Curve Fitting. Extended collection of code samples organized by category.
  • New Tools for NetCDF File Import and Analysis: Import and reduce NetCDF file by partial import or averaging during import. Matrix image stack to support Shapfile-based ROI averaging to create time axis profile. New stack analysis tools including stats, subtraction, simple math and linear fitting along a time axis. Browser Graph support for contour and image plots of matrix stacks.New Shapefile Data Connector. Insert menu support for inserting map boundaries to the active graph.
  • Mini Toolbars for 3D Graphs: Support is added for many of Origin's OpenGL 3D graphs. Toolbars for customization of Scatter, Bar, Surface, Ribbon/Wall and Vector Plots. Additional Toolbars for customizing for Axes, Layer, and Page, plus Error Bars.
  • SQLite Import and Export: Import from SQLite files using the Database Connector. Option to unlock imported data from the Connector menu. Export worksheets as tables in an SQLite database file.
  • New and Improved Functions for Worksheet Calculations: Idx() returns row indices of records that meet a specified condition; ReportCell() for access to report sheet values; Sum() improvements to calculate row-wise Mean, StdDev, Min, Max, N, Median. More statistics functions including lcl, ucl, mad, geomean, geosd, harmean.
  • New Dialogs for Workbook/Matrix and Graph Templates: Much better access to and management of, User-defined templates. List View to sort by Name, Category Date, etc. Opt to show User templates in Plot > My Templates menu. Book templates can be shown in File: New menu. Large number of useful "Extended Templates" added to product. 
  • New Graph Types: Network Plot, Grouped Marginal Plot, Stiff Diagram, Durov Plot, Ribbon Chart.



Origin/OriginPro 2021

OriginLab Releases Version 2021

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 2021.


New features and improvements in this version include:


  • Significant improvements to embedded Python Support. Access Python functions from Set Column Values, labels and buttons, and fitting functions. New originpro package for easy access to Origin objects from Python code. Code Builder IDE supports Python with syntax highlighting, debugging, and a Package Manager for installing and managing Python packages.
  • Color Manager for easy management of color lists and palettes. Allows users to select desired color lists and palettes for access from Mini Toolbars and the user-interface; import color lists or palettes from external files, create custom color lists or palettes, including by color-picking and interpolation of colors.
  • Formula Bar allows users to read cell formulas, enter cell or column formulas, drag the mouse to define a range, and easily search and insert functions. Especially helpful for entering and reading long expressions in a cell.
  • New Mini Toolbars for Tick Label Tables, Tables in Graphs, Date-Time Display in Worksheets, and Graph Legends. Existing toolbars updated with more buttons for easy access to common tasks. Set increment levels when increasing/decreasing font size, etc.
  • New graphs types: Chord Diagram, Chord Diagram with Ratio, Polar Vector, Polar Wind Vector, Scatter Plot with Unicode Symbol, Lollipop Plots, and Browser Plot for Stacked Layers.
  • New Apps: Neural Network Regression, Taylor Diagram, Detrended Correspondence, Analysis, Rank Models by Fit Reports, Optimization Solver, Apparent Integration, Import PDF Tables, 3D Polar Strain Map, HTML Table Assistant, Periodic Report, TDMS Connector, and Yokogawa WDF Connector. All available as free Origin/OriginPro “add-ons”, from the Origin App Center.



Origin/OriginPro 2020b

OriginLab Releases Version 2020b

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 2020b.


New features and improvements in this version include:


  • New Mini Toolbars for Worksheets and Matrixsheets: Quick access to common operations on cells, rows and columns.
  • Mini Toolbar Additions for Graphs: More buttons added for manipulating page, layer and plot settings; plus the ability to pick which buttons display on Mini Toolbars.
  • Browser Graph for Multi-channel Data Exploration: Selectively and interactively plot channel data to line or histogram, while using Origin's exploratory tools to focus on a plot or a region.
  • Data Connector Improvements: Multi-file connections and improvements to Connectors for CSV, MATLAB, HDF and NetCDF; plus Database Connector dialog for making ODBC connections without having to go through OLE DB.
  • Data Navigator Panel: New panel added to worksheet or matrix for managing connections to multi-sheet files such as MS Excel.
  • Graph Customization Improvements: Better text wrapping, Curve tool for creating smoothed (editable) curved objects, droplines and labels at select points, more axis break styles, box chart improvements, symmetrical (+) and (-) log scales, etc.
  • New Graph Types: Bland-Altman, Beeswarm, Radial Lines or Bars, Bullet, Streamline and 3D XYY "Side-by-Side".
  • New, Flexible Correlation Plots: Colormapped blocks, scatter points or oriented ellipses; show upper or lower triangle only; plus flexible labeling (signficance, insignificance, correlation coefficient, p-value).
  • New Apps: Linear Mixed Effects Model, Canonical Correlation Analysis, Modified STFT, Fit Adsorption Isotherm, Linear Regression with Marginal Distribution, X-Ray Diffraction Analysis; plus several new or improved Connectors for data import.



Origin/OriginPro 2020

OriginLab Releases Version 2020

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 2020.


New features and improvements in this version include:


  • Mini toolbars for easier 2D graph customization. The buttons in the pop-up provide access to common customization options for performing quick changes to graphs without opening complex dialogs.
  • Import speed has been improved by a factor of 10 or more as compared to previous versions of Origin, and compared to Excel 2016.
  • Much faster drawing speed for large data, including New Density dots and Color dots graphs, Scatter plot, Contour plot, Data Highlight in large scatter plot.
  • Speed improvements in several areas such as Peak Analysis, Worksheet Data Filters, Contour Plotting, Worksheet Operations, Importing Third Party files.
  • Copy Paste Data Plots between Graph Layers
  • Copy and paste data as HTML/EMF table to other applications such as MS Word, etc.
  • Similar to Excel, suppprt to use the "$" syntax to create absolute references in Cell Formulas in Origin worksheets cells.
  • Data Connector support Drag-and-Drop. CSV Connector supports Preview checkbox, Partial import, Data Block marker. Excel Connector has improved support for column headers.
  • SQL-like query to pull specific columns from an Origin Project using Origin Data Connector
  • Enhanced Database Import: Imported data protected from editing, ensuring data integrity. Options for managing protection mode. Support display of imported database images in worksheet cells. Much faster ODBC import.
  • New Graph Types: Density Dot Plot, Pie and Doughnut Charts, Sankey and Alluvial Diagrams, Dendrograms, Color Dots, Population Pyramid, Kite Diagram and Before-After Plot
  • New Apps: 2D Peak Analyzer, Import NMR Data, Video Data Explorer, Neural Network Fitting, Soil and Rock Classification Diagram, Piper Diagram, Marginal Abatement Cost Curve, Word Connector and LeCroy Connector



Origin/OriginPro 2019b

OriginLab Releases Version 2019b

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 2019b.


New features and improvements in this version include:


  • HTML and Markdown Reports from Notes windows. Link to graphs, numeric results and project metadata, then print or export as web page
  • Data Connectors for CSV, Excel, ASCII/Binary, HTML, JSON, MATLAB, Origin Projects. Maintain live connection to local or web-stored files
  • Use Origin Project as Data Repository to organize and archive data. Using connectors, import only the worksheets or matrix sheets you need
  • Clone an Origin Project to replace with new data, or maintain connectors to original project for exploratory data analysis of subsets of your data
  • Menus reorganized with new top categories for Data, Insert, Preferences, and Connectivity. Improved Plot menu
  • Speed improvements of nearly 50% for ASCII and CSV Import
  • Export multi-page workbook to multi-page Excel file with option to exclude individual sheets
  • Save Project without imported data to reduce file size
  • Copy and paste a workbook or an entire project folder, within or across Origin sessions
  • Validation sample projects that compare Origin's analysis results with certified values from NIST while demonstrating the New HTML Reports
  • Group Folder Improvements: Easier publishing of different files to different groups. Set Origin as a group member for multiple groups
  • New Graph Types and Enhancements: Split Heatmap, Plots, XY/XYZ Heatmap, Custom Line Segments, Soil Textural Triangle, Open center for polar graph types
  • New Apps: Speedy Fit, Fit ODE, Quantile Regression, Hysteresis, 2D Correlation, Gel Molecular Weight Analyzer, Change Point Analysis, 3D Wind Rose, Concave Hull, Isosurface Plot, SAS XPORT Connector, PLEXON Connector



Origin/OriginPro 2019

OriginLab Releases Version 2019

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 2019.


New features and improvements in this version include:


  • Start Menu for Search within Origin, incl. Menus, Videos, Help, Origin Projects
  • New Graph Types: Violin, Parallel, Cluster, Double-Y Trellis, Row-wise Line Series, Contour from Categorical, Heatmap w/ Labels, Tetrahedral, Grouped Scatter
  • Data Highlighting: Select one or more points in a graph and highlight data in other graphs plotted from the same worksheet rows
  • Plot Highlighting: Click on a plot and fade other plots, emphasizing current plot selection
  • Customizable Data Point Tooltip that displays XY and Z coordinate values plus other worksheet-contained information pertinent to a given data point
  • Conditional Formatting of Worksheet cells based on contained values; by custom rules, apply color scale to create heatmap, or find duplicate values
  • New Workbook Dialog for preview of built-in or user templates with image previews; plus save any template as default for new windows, projects
  • Worksheet Column List View for transposing of worksheet column header info making for easier inspection of column label row content
  • Empty worksheet cells with missing values are displayed with a white background while unused cells have a shaded background
  • Many New Apps for 2019, including a Graph Maker App for exploring relationships between multiple variables and a Stats Advisor App for choosing appropriate statistical tests and Apps



Origin/OriginPro 2018b

OriginLab Releases Version 2018b

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 2018b.


New features and improvements in this version include:


  • Preview of Workbook in Project Explorer and Windows Explorer
  • Add Matrix Book as an Embedded Sheet in Workbook
  • Enhanced Master Page Menu which support quickly setting up and apply Master Page elements such as logos and timestamps to all graphs
  • New Fit Layers to Page and Set Scale Factor tools to adjust all layers to have tight fit to page with current display font kept
  • Multi-layer Graph Customization
  • Active Window Indicator
  • Backup folder and individual backup file for Each Project
  • Improved Audit Log to turn on an Audit Log for all newly-created projects, for consistent project management
  • New Python API
  • Many New Apps for 2018b, including Background Batch Processing and Graph Maker



Origin/OriginPro 2018

OriginLab Releases Version 2018

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 2018.


New features and improvements in this version include:


  • App Center for easy installation and update of Apps
  • Cell Formula support for Data and Label Row cells, fixed/relative referencing
  • Improved Origin Central dialog including keyword search of sample graphs
  • Preview and thumbnail views of Origin Graphs in Windows Explorer and File open dialog
  • Project File structure (OPJU) with significant improvement in file size
  • Unicode(UTF-8) support
  • Automatic transfer of User Files, Workspace from previous version
  • Bridge Charts, Double-Y Box, 4D XYZ Surface w/ Custom Boundary, Colormap Line Series
  • Add Reference Lines using statistical functions or custom expression
  • Programming: LabTalk and Origin C string functions can operate on UTF-8 encoded string
  • Programming: More NAG Mark 25 functions accessible from Origin C
  • Many New Apps for 2018



Origin/OriginPro 2017

OriginLab Releases Version 2017

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 2017.


New features and improvements in this version include:


  • Origin Central Startup Dialog
  • Simplified "Cell Notation" for Worksheet Column Formulas
  • Re-designed Plot Menu with Large Icons
  • Improved Annotation Tool and New Annotation Dialog
  • Trellis Plots for Grouped Data
  • 3D XYY and 3D XYZ Stacked Bar Plots and New Bar Shapes
  • Box Plot Improvements incl. Bars + Data, Lines Connect Key Stats
  • New Fill Patterns including Geological and User-Defined Patterns
  • Programming: Support for HTML Dialog with JavaScript
  • LaTeX App Improvements incl. Equation from Fitting Function
  • Many New Apps for 2017



Origin Viewer 9.4

OriginLab Releases Origin Viewer 9.4

OriginLab's Origin Viewer is a freely distributed, standalone application that allows viewing and copying of information contained in Origin Project (OPJ) files and Origin window (OGG, OGW, OGM) files on computers that do not have Origin installed. A key benefit of using Origin project files is they have a hierarchical structure that also supports metadata.


Origin/OriginPro 2016

OriginLab Releases Version 2016

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 2016.


New features and enhancements include:


  • Apps in Origin to add specific graphing and analysis functionality
  • A new and powerful Color Chooser
  • Smart Plotting with Cloneable Templates to quickly create multi-layer graphs with complex mapping of data plots to worksheet columns
  • Batch Analysis by cloning current workbook during multi-file import
  • Professional reports from Batch Analysis using Microsoft® Word templates
  • A dockable Object Manager window to manage layers and data plots in a graph
  • An improved dialog to send graphs to Microsoft PowerPoint



Origin Viewer 9.2

OriginLab Releases Origin Viewer 9.2

OriginLab's Origin Viewer is a freely distributed, standalone application that facilitates viewing, copying and sharing of Origin Project files and now includes extra-large icon view and graph preview among its features.


Origin 3D Graphing Application From Researcher Ray Huffaker

Origin 3D Graphing Application

OriginLab's 3D graphing software enables researchers to animate data to demonstrate wind patterns as periodic cycles that follow satellite-like paths, driving potential viability of commercial wind power beyond the Midwest.


Origin/OriginPro 2015

OriginLab Releases Version 2015

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 2015.

This release includes key ease-of-use features including collapsible menus, project file search for string, thumbnail previews of graphs and tooltips for comments in Project Explorer, a redesigned graph Axis Dialog, and an improved graph legend with support for bubble scales.

Other features include new graphs including heat map and 2D kernel density plots, 3D batch plotting, user-defined ordering of categorical data, distribution fit, repeated measures ANOVA with unbalanced data, and integration with the Python scripting language


OriginPro Student Version available for students through OnTheHubTM

OriginPro Student Version available for students through OnTheHubTM

The OriginPro Student 6 month license is now available through the OnTheHubTM eStore and network of school-branded web stores powered by Kivuto Solutions Inc.


Origin Viewer 9.1

OriginLab Releases Origin Viewer 9.1

The standalone application allows viewing and copying of information from Origin Project Files without having Origin installed. This latest upgrade now supports viewing rotatable OpenGL 3D graphs, is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and can be easily distributed and used without installation.


Origin/OriginPro 9.1

OriginLab Releases Version 9.1

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro 9.1. This version provides many new features and improvements including new graph types (grouped box chart, grouped column/bar plot, piper diagram, 3D ternary surface plot, 3D waterfall plot, and more), batch plotting, batch analysis using gadgets, redesigned graph axis dialog including support for multiple axis breaks with customizable break gaps and break indicators, user-defined axes scales, and tick label tables, and much more.


New York City College of Technology Integrates Origin Data Analysis and Graphing Software into its Chemistry Instrumentation Lab Course

Press Release

Case Study

Dr. Jay Deiner, assistant professor of chemistry at City Tech, has integrated Origin into his Instrumental Methods of Analysis lab course. Origin helps students develop data analysis and presentation skills that will benefit them in their future careers.


The University of Tulsa Integrates Origin into its Physics Instrumentation Lab Course

Press Release

Case Study

Dr. Alexei Grigoriev from the Department of Physics and Engineering Physics at the University of Tulsa integrates Origin into lab exercises, allowing students to practice programming functions, nonlinear curve fitting, and data presentation, all in one software environment.


Origin Selected by Leading Norwegian Investment Bank to Generate High-quality, Complex Financial Reports

Press Release

Case Study

Norway's SpareBank 1 Markets has implemented Origin to generate a high-quality credit rating report of 150 Nordic banks. The report includes a summary of the financial reports of each bank, and it provides and explains the derived credit rating from the underlying credit model. In addition, analysis of aggregated statistics is presented as a function of time. Once new financial data is registered in their data warehouse, an updated credit rating report can be created by the click of a button.


Origin/OriginPro 9

OriginLab Releases Version 9

OriginLab releases Origin and OriginPro version 9. The most significant feature in version 9 is enhanced 3D graphing using OpenGL, the industry standard for high-performance graphics.

Key New Features: High-performance 3D graphing using OpenGL, 3D parametric function plots, Movie creation, Data filter, Floating graphs in worksheets, Global vertical cursor, Implicit function fitting (OriginPro), IIR filter design (OriginPro), 3D surface plots from XYZ data, 3D bar plots with Z error and 3D scatter plots with XYZ errors, Improved scatter matrix plot, Improved data info dialog, and Context menu to easily swap data from graphs.


OriginLab 20th Anniversary

OriginLab Celebrates its 20th Anniversary

OriginLab marks 20th year of its Origin software, which provides users with powerful and easy-to-use tools to analyze data and create publication-ready graphs and reports.


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OriginLab introduces a new Academic Licensing Option for Origin 7.5

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