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OriginLab Corporation - Data Analysis and Graphing Software - 2D graphs, 3D graphs, Contour Plots, Statistical Charts, Data Exploration, Statistics, Curve Fitting, Signal Processing, and Peak Analysis      

Why should I choose OriginPro/OriginLab?

We realize that you have multiple companies and products to choose from, for your Data Analysis and Graphing needs. Here is why we think we are the better choice:

Key aspects of OriginLab that stand out over other companies:
  • Small private company dedicated to a single software product, serving our existing user community without having a parent company shifting focus.
  • Flexible software licensing that includes dongle and network/floating licenses, with self-serve license management online including system transfers.
  • Very active user forum with over 50,000 posts.
  • Highest rated amongst our competitors, on Capterra.
Key features of OriginPro that stand out over other products:
  • Over 300 graph templates, plus you can customize and create your own with point-and-click simplicity. Export or copy-paste graphs to other applications with publication-quality output.
  • Easily connect to Excel files to bring in data, and export processed data and results back to Excel.
  • Very flexible project structure, plus workbooks that make it easy to manage data and metadata at book and sheet level.
  • Column and Cell level Formula for easy calculations that automatically update on data change.
  • Auto recalculation of analysis results with data or parameter change.
  • Embedded Python with access to user-defined Python functions for column calculations and curve fitting.
  • Over 300 Apps are available for free download to further extend product capabilities for importing, graphing, and analysis.
  • Wide array of data processing tools including data reduction, filtering, querying, stacking, unstacking and more.
  • Batch plotting and batch analysis without writing a single line of code.

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