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Help to determine the appropriate statistical test/tool/App.

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The purpose of this app is to help you pick the most appropriate statistical tool that is best suited for your data, including the tests, the graphs, and the Apps.


If you are all new to Origin or are unfamiliar with the statistical procedures, this app could help you get started.

Open the Stats Advisor App, you could see three column, including What do you want to do, Your options and Suggested feature(s).

    Note: This is a pre-installed App. To launch this App, you could click its icon inside the Apps Gallery.

1. What do you want to do?

  • Click to select the most appropriate answer, then a new question will appear in the second column Your options.

2. Your options

  • Click to select your answers to the successive questions until the suggested feature(s) appear in the third column.

3. Suggested Feature(s)

  • Based on your answers, this App will list all related features in this column.
  • The graph icon and the App icon followed the option could help to distinguish the types of the feature. Also, you could tell if the feature is only available in Origin Pro by the Pro icon.
  • Click to select one of the features, then a note of the feature will appear at the bottom of this column.
  • Click Open Help button to open the corresponding help page in the browser.
  • Click Open Dialog button to open the dialog of the feature you select.
  • If you select an App but you still haven’t installed it, Open Dialog button will turn into Install App button. Click Install App button to install the App directly.


2.47 Add new app and fix bugs
2.45 Support to open sample from app
2.40 Fix bugs
2.39 Add new apps
2.35 Fixed bugs
2.3 Turn off transparency
2.2 Add new apps for selection
2.1 Fix issue of opening some help files
2.0 Add "Plot advanced statistics graph" category
1.01 Add new Apps for selection

Reviews and Comments:
07/31/2023OriginLabHi ayber2002,
The minimum version for this app is Origin 2019b (9.65). Please consider to upgrade your Origin.

07/30/2023ayber2002not workin in origin pro 9


04/21/2020wei-zhengliGood App! It helps us to select optimal statistical analysis method.