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This app imports data from Agilent mass spec data files (.MS extension). In addition it creates an interactive graph to explore the data.

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Download the Agilent MS Reader.opx and then drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace. An icon will appear in the Apps Gallery window.

NOTE: This tool requires Origin version 2016SR1 or later. If you have Origin2016Sr0, please select Help: Check for Updates from Origin menu to first update Origin.


Click the Agilent MS Reader App icon, and select an Agilent MS file (*.MS extension) to import the file. A workbook with 3 worksheets is created:

  • The 1st worksheet contains the imported data.
  • The 3rd worksheet contains an embedded interactive graph. To use the graph to explore your data:
    1. Double-click on the embedded graph to activate it.
    2. Drag the vertical reference line in the chromatogram (upper plot) to display the corresponding mass spec in the lower plot.
    3. Optionally hide the labels in the mass spec plot by unchecking the "Show Labels" checkbox.
    4. Labels will auto position to avoid overlapping though you may move individual labels as necessary.
  • The 2nd worksheet contains the mass spec data (peak mass and abundance) displayed in the mass spec plot on the interactive graph.

Note: This app only supports importing data files with the .MS extension and not .D files created by Agilent instrument software.


Reviews and Comments:
02/27/2020OriginLabHi LeoKru, this is an App made in Origin 2016, which don’t have Unicode support, so I think you better save the file in a path without any non-English character.

OriginLab Support

02/26/2020LeoKruWorks very well, strangely the files can only be imported via the Add-in if I have previously saved them on the desktop (other hard drives/file paths do not work).