The Datasheet class provides methods and properties common to Origin worksheet and matrix layers. The Datasheet class is derived from the Layer and OriginObject classes from which it inherits methods and properties.



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Name Brief Example
Attach Attach worksheet object to a real Origin worksheet Examples
Cell Get the value at the location (nRow, nCol) in the worksheet Examples
ClearData Clear worksheet of data and reduce number of rows (or optionally NOT reduce) Examples
Create Create a worksheet from the special template Examples
Datasheet Construct an unnattached Datasheet Examples
FindCol Find column in worksheet by searching for column long name.

Also applies to MatrixObject in a MatrixLayer.

FindFirstEmpty Find first column of last empty range in a worksheet or the first empty MatrixObject in a MatrixLayer Examples
FindLinkObjects Finds UIDs of all objects that are linked to the worksheet Examples
GetLinkTable Find the table object in a graph layer that is linked to this worksheet Examples
GetNumCols Get the number of columns in a Datasheet or Matrix. Examples
GetNumRows Get the number of rows in a worksheet or matrix. Examples
GetReportTree Find the report tree in the worksheet. Examples
ImportASCII Import ASCII file into worksheet by using a ASCIMP struct that will define how to import the data Examples
ImportASCIIFile Import ASCII file. This is an improvement(speed etc.) to ImportASCII. Examples
ImportExcel Import an Excel sheet by replacing existing data Examples
ImportSPC Import SPC file into worksheet Examples
MakeRangeString Construct range string of worksheet or matrix by the specified range from parameters Examples
MoveColumns Move columns in a worksheet or matrixsheet Examples
Reset Reset Matrix or Worksheet Examples
SetCell Set the numeric value of a cell in the worksheet Examples
SetMissingValue Set Missing Value to each Column or MatrixObjects in the specified range

This function will not change internal data type, should just set missing value if nType matchs and immediately return if not

SetNumRows Set the number of rows in a Datasheet. Examples
SetReportTree Report generation function.

Automatically generate a results worksheet from an Origin C tree created using report generation macros found in the system header file Report.h.

SwapColumns Swap two columns in Worksheet or Matrixsheet Examples
TCell Get the value at the location (nRow, nCol) in the worksheet as a string Examples
Transpose Transpose data in a sheet Examples


Name Brief Example
m_strBookSheet Read-only display string "[BookName]SheetName" Examples