Data Conversion



Name Brief Example
_strtoi64 Converts string to an __int64.. Examples
atoc Converts string to a complex. Examples
atof Converts string to a double. Examples
atoi Converts string to an integer. Examples
atol Converts string to a long. Examples
Bin2Dec Convert bin string to int number. Examples
Byte2Hex Convert byte value to hex string. Examples
convert_byte_vector_to_string_vector Convert byte vector to string vector Examples
convert_double_vector_to_string_vector Convert double vector to string vector. Examples
convert_floating_by_format Convert floating point by format. Examples
convert_int_vector_to_string_vector Convert int vector to string vector Examples
convert_str_vector_to_num_vector Convert a string vector into a double vector. Examples
convert_string_vector_to_byte_vector Convert string vector to byte vector Examples
convert_string_vector_to_int_vector Convert string vector to int vector Examples
convert_tree_double_vector_to_str_vector Convert double vector treenode to string vector. Examples
convert_uint_vector_to_string_vector Convert uint vector to string vector Examples
DoubleToStr Convert a double value into a string using LabTalk formating notation Examples
ftoa Reverse of atof with LabTalk formatting options Examples
Hex2Dec Convert hex string to int number. Examples
HSLtoRGB convert HSL color to RGB Examples
int_to_fixed_str get a string with leading spaces filled with 0 Examples
itoa Converts the integer value into a character string Examples
json_escape_str_token quote and check adding escape for JSON Examples
json_generate_key_value_str get a JSON key-value string array from a key string array and a value string array Examples
json_separate_key_value_str get a key string array and a value string array from a JSON key-value string array Examples
okutil_convert_double_vector_to_string_vector Convert double array to string array with formatting Examples
okutil_convert_ocolor_to_RGB convert OCOLOR to RGB Examples
okutil_convert_RGB_to_ocolor convert RGB to OCOLOR Examples
okutil_HTML_to_ocolor Convert an HTML hex color string into an Origin OColor Examples
okutil_ocolor_LT_color_convert Convert between LabTalk color and OC OCOLOR. LabTalk color is 1-offset for indexed color and has support for indexed access to custom colors Examples
okutil_ocolor_to_HTML Convert an Origin OColor into an HTML hex color string Examples
RGBtoHSL convert RGB color to HSL Examples
strtol Converts a character string to a long int value. Examples