Setting the Properties of Controls in your Resource

When you add a control to your resource, the control's Properties dialog displays. If the Properties dialog does not display, open it by right-clicking on the control and selecting Properties from the shortcut menu. The picture below shows a Properties dialog for a Static text control.

Setting the Properties of Controls in your Resource.gif

For each control you add to your dialog, select or type a unique resource ID string in the ID combo box. Use the notation, IDC_ControlName. Type a ControlName that easily identifies the control. You can type the characters in uppercase, lowercase, or mixed case. Dialog Builder and Visual C++ will maintain the case of the characters that you enter. In addition to the resource ID string, type the desired caption in the Caption text box (when available) and set/enter any other desired settings on any of the other tabs in the Properties dialog.

Note: To keep the Properties dialog open (no matter which type of object is selected in Microsoft Visual C++) depress the Keep Visible Setting the Properties of Controls in your Resource image111.gif button in the upper-left corner of the dialog.