This string function returns the weekday name of a Julian date or weekday name of a weekday number based on one of four metrics for weekday numbering.

See this note.


// For date values, the n2 is ignored
string WeekDayName(double d[,  int n1, int n2])
// For number values, n2 defines the weekday number metric
string WeekDayName(int d[,  int n1, int n2])



is a Julian Date Value which can include Time, or it is a number in the range of the weekday number as defined by n2.


is the option to indicate output string length. There are four options
-1 Returns first 3 English letter of the weekday name (upper case)
0 Returns full name (initial caps)
1 Returns first character of weekday name (upper case)
3 (default) Returns first 3 English letter of the weekday name (initial caps)


is an integer value to define weekday number as following four options
0 0 (Sunday) through 6 (Saturday)
1 1 (Sunday) through 7 (Saturday)
2 0 (Monday) through 6 (Sunday)
3 (default) 1 (Monday) through 7 (Sunday)


Four variants of the name of a weekday can be returned. For invalid date, return empty.


string strname$=WeekDayName(2, 0)$;
strname$=; // Should return ''Tue'' since nAbbr is 3 and nOpt default is Monday = 1
string strname$=WeekDayName(2454825,-1)$; // 2454825 = date(12/25/2008)
strname$=; // Should return THU


Origin Worksheet columns have a Day of Week format which displays number values as a weekday using one of three Display formats. The numbering system used in this case is always 0 = Sunday to 6 = Saturday and uses the modulus 7 for values larger than 6. The WeekDayName function does not use modulus and the argument must be in the range specified by n2.

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