6.40 FAQ-670 When I start Origin on a client machine and enter the correct FLEXlm server HostName, the information is not accepted and the License Information dialog box re-opens. How do I fix this problem?

Last Update: 7/11/2018

  1. Make sure the Origin FLEXlm license service is running properly. To do this:
    a. On the FLEXlm license service computer, run LMTOOLS.
    b. On the Server Status tab, click Perform Status Enquiry.
    You should see license server, vendor deamon, and usage output indicating success. If not, contact your network Systems Administrator or your Origin technical support representative.
  2. Make sure the computer that the Origin network member is installed on has a connection to the FLEXlm server computer. To do this, open Windows Explorer and check that you can browse to the computer that is running the Origin FLEXlm license service.
  3. All concurrent licenses are in use
    The License Information dialog will provide a message stating that all licenses are in use. Notify your Origin administrator of this problem.
  4. You have an expiring package and the expiration date has been reached
    The License Information dialog will provide a message stating that the FLEXnet server license has expired. Notify your Origin administrator of this problem.
  5. If the problem persists, check if the computer where the FLEXlm license server is installed has an "internet connection firewall" activated with no "exceptions" set.
    Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 has its own "internet connection firewall" which, when activated without exceptions, will prevent Origin installed on other computers from connecting to the FLEXlm service. To check for this, open the Windows Firewall dialog on the FLEXlm server computer (Control Panel|System and Security). Open the "Customize Settings" dialog, it should show the status as "On (recommended)" and the "Don't allow Exceptions" check box should be unchecked. Go back to the Windows Firewall dialog, click on “Allow a program and features through Windows Firewall” link on the left and then add LMGRD.EXE and ORGLAB.EXE to the allowed list. You can use the Add another program button to locate these programs in your FLEXnet server's \Servers subfolder. After you add these programs as “Exceptions”, they should be allowed through firewall.
  6. If the problem still exists, then check with your network Systems Administrator and find out if there is a firewall (different from issue 3 above) between the network member's computer and the FLEXlm license service computer. If there is a firewall, then you need to ask your Systems Administrator to open a port in the firewall and tell you the port number.
    Once this has been done and you know the port number, then you need to edit the FLEXlm license server's license file to add this port. Please see here for the details.
  7. There is some mismatch between your installed Origin version or serial number, and that of the FLEXnet license service
    Check with your Origin administrator.
  8. If above items don't resolve the problem, then you should check if another software has FLEXlm management on the same computer that you are running the Origin on, and if that other software has created an LM_LICENSE_FILE environment variable. To check for the presence of this environment variable, open Control Panel | System | Change Settings on the client's computer. Select the Advanced tab and then click the Environment Variables button. Check if there is an LM_LICENSE_FILE variable listed. If yes, then you should apply an Origin patch to resolve the problem.

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