1.222 FAQ-972 Can I modify the tooltips that appear when I hover on data plots in my graph?

Last Update: 9/5/2021

Origin 2017 introduced a Data Plot Tooltip that appears when you hover on a data plot in the graph window. The Plot tooltip is fairly basic, reporting source book, sheet and coordinate datasets. It is not customizable.

Beginning with Origin 2019, there is a second tooltip that shows, by default, for many 2D plot types, 3D Scatter, XYY Bar and XYZ Bar plots . This we refer to as the Data Point Tooltip to distinguish it from the Plot tooltip. The Data Point Tooltip is highly-customizable.

In 2D plots that support both types of tooltips, you can switch between the two by right-clicking on the tooltip and choosing from the shortcut menu.

Data Plot Tooltip.png

Beginning with Origin 2021, you can toggle between tooltip types by clicking this page-level Mini Toolbar button.

Data Plot Tooltip MT Toggle.png
Enabling or Disabling Tooltips

To turn Data Point and Data Plot tooltips on or off, change the values of LabTalk system variables @PT and @PTI.

@PT=0; //Disable both data plot and data point tooltips
@PT=1; //Enable data plot tooltips for 2D graph
@PT=3; //Enable data plot tooltips for both 2D graph and 3D OpenGL graph  (default)
@PTI=0; //Disable only data point tooltips
@PTI=1; //Enable data point tooltips (default)
Modifying Tooltip Transparency

You can also modify the degree of transparency of the tooltip using the system variable @TDT. You may want to do this if, for instance, you have modified your Data Point Tooltip to display imagery. @TDT is set to 220, by default. Lower the value to increase transparency or set it to 255 to disable transparency.

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