1.54 FAQ-173 How to publish a 3D OpenGL graph with equation(s)?

Last Update: 6/21/2022

Since 2017 SR0, Origin supports inserting OLE objects (i.e. math type equations, word object .etc) into 3D OpenGL graphs directly, just like you can do for 2D graphs.

With the graph window active, click the Insert Equations/Insert Word Objects/Insert Excel Object/Insert Object toolbar to insert the desired object to the Graph window.

Insert Object.png

Please note: to insert these kinds of objects, you need to install the corresponding software/plug-in in advance. For example, to insert an equation, an equation tool like MathType, Microsoft Equation Editor or OriginLab's free LaTeX App, should be installed on your system.

Keywords:3d, OpenGL, merge, equation, export, publish

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2017 SR0