1.249 FAQ-1040 How to wrap legend text into multiple lines?

Last Update: 12/13/2022

  1. Right click legend, axis title or text object and choose Properties from context menu. On Frame tab, check Wrap Text, Adjust Height checkbox.
    Wrap text to multi line.png
  2. Drag the 8 anchors to resize the legend/title/text to a proper width. The text will be wrapped into multiple lines and the frame height is adjusted automatically.

  1. When Wrap Text, Adjust Height is checked, you cannot change the text font size by dragging and resizing the object frame . In this case, please use the Mini Toolbar or Font Size buttons on the Standard toolbar.
  2. Additionally, when the Wrap Text, Adjust Height box is checked, you cannot arrange legend entries into multiple columns.
  3. It always breaks the text string at space. Please keep this in mind especially when you use this option in non-English system which doesn't use space to separate words, such as Chinese or Japanese.

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