3.108 FAQ-646 How to control the Residual Analysis/Plots in linear fit?

Last Update: 10/13/2016

Four types of Residual Analysis are provided, including Regular, Standardized, Studentized, Studentized Deleted, you can decide which ones to compute in Residual Analysis node.
Six kinds of residual plots are provided in Residual Plots node at the end of the dialog. you need to specify one residual type for plot.
For the selected residual type, you can opt to output up to six residual plots:

    • Residual vs. Independent
    • Residual vs. Predicted Value
    • Residual vs. Order of the Data
    • Histogram of the Residual
    • Residual Lag Plot
    • Normal Probability Plot of Residuals

For more information, see Graphical Residual Analysis

Keywords:Residual Plots, Histogram, Linear Curve Fit