3.95 FAQ-333 What is indexed versus raw data and how to transform from one to another?

Last Update: 1/2/2024

Often, statistics are performed to grouped data. The grouped data may be arranged in different forms. If all groups of data are saved in a single data column with the corresponding grouping indexes or levels stored in another column, the dataset will be called an indexed dataset. On the other hand, if the groups of data values are stored in separate columns (each column has a group of data values), the dataset will be called a raw dataset. See below for the comparison of indexed and raw modes of the same grouped data:

Raw vs indexed data.png

Some of the Statistics tools in Origin support both raw and indexed forms of data, whereas some other tools do not support both data formats. You will have to convert your data to the other form if you wish to use the latter tools.

To convert indexed data into raw data, choose Worksheet: Unstack Columns... from the Origin menu. On the other hand, the Worksheet: Stack Columns... menu command will help you convert raw data into indexed.

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