1.44 FAQ-161 What is a graph template and what is a graph theme?

Last Update: 3/16/2021

A graph template is a file that contains all specifications of a graph such as number of layers, axis settings, and data plot styles. The template file does not contain any data, although it can contain graph objects such as arrows, rectangles, custom text labels etc. All Origin graphs are created from a template.

You can customize any template and save the changes for future use. Select File: Save Template As. The Template Name edit box will contain the name of the template from which the graph was created. Change the name to create a new template or leave the name to replace the existing template. To plot into your template, select Plot: My Templates, then pick your template from the menu list or click Plot : Template Library to browse your custom graph templates.

Since Origin 2021b, Origin provides some extended graph templates to help you to plot the specific graph type, you can go to the Template Library to check the details.

A graph theme is a collection of graph properties stored in an XML file format on disk. A graph theme can be applied to any graph at any time, thus changing various object properties such as layer size, page color, plot symbol type and color etc. Select Preferences: Theme Organizer. Multiple graph themes can be successively applied to a graph. Theme files can be combined to create new themes. Choose a system theme which will automatically be applied to all newly created graphs.

One way to think of the difference between a graph template and a graph theme is a template is used to create the graph and a theme is later applied to quickly change the look of it. Also, a system theme can be used globally so you don't have to resave many graph templates with the same setting such as for example, tick marks drawn in.

If you are using Origin 2019 or later, check out OriginLab's free Theme Preview App. The App includes Themes for axes, box charts, color schemes, contour plots, and more, that can be applied to your graph. Themes can be applied singly or in combination to build an entirely new Theme. What's more -- as the App name implies -- you can preview any and all changes before applying them to your graph.

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