1.86 FAQ-217 How can I change the graph size to be country dependent when printing?

Last Update: 8/3/2018

When printing graphs, Origin allows you to customize the default graph size according to the standards of different countries. The standard is as follow: 6400 pixel(10.67 inch) in width 4800 pixel (8 inch) in height for US, Canada, and Mexico; and 6779 pixel (11.3 inch) in width 4760 Pixel (7.933 inch) in height for regions except US, Canada, and Mexico.

Please follow the steps below to do the customization:

  1. Set your location in Window system.(Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region). Suppose you have chosen Unite State as local region.
  2. Open Origin and create a graph.Activate the new graph and right click on the gray area to select Fit Page to Printer. This option would automatically adjust the graph printing size according to the country region set in the system.
  3. To check if the graph has the appropriate printing size, click Window: Script Window and type the following LabTalk script. Highlight it and then click Enter to create an empty plot.

    You can have the following script in the script window. Close the Script Window.

  4. Activate the graph and click File: Print to print the graph page.

Note:The standard graph page size will only work after Fit Page to Printer option is selected for a specific graph. Other graphs without setting this option will not follow country-dependent page sizes, but default graph template.

Keywords:graph page size, printing, country dependent

Minimum Origin Version Required: 2015 SR0