5.43 FAQ-777 How do I copy data with full precision by using Ctrl + C?

Last Update: 9/12/2017

When copying and pasting data, it is common to use CTRL + C (Copy) and CTRL + V (Paste) keyboard combinations. However, this may not preserve numeric precision when pasting to external applications. When you need to preserve full numeric precision, use the CTRL + ALT + C (Copy, full precision) keyboard combination (paste using the standard CTRL + V).

Note that if you are only copying and pasting data between Origin worksheets, CTRL + C works fine. Data are copied and pasted at full precision. However, if you are copying and pasting to an external application and you find the CTRL + ALT + C combination to be cumbersome, you can modify Origin so that the simpler CTRL + C combination will copy Origin data at full precision. Do this by changing the default value of the system variable @CWACC.

  • To change the default behavior in the current Origin session only, open the Script Window, type the following, then press Enter:
With this change, Ctrl + C becomes the keyboard shortcut for copying data at full precision in the workbook and Ctrl + Alt + C will copy data using displayed digits.
  • To have this behavior take effect every time you start Origin, see this FAQ.

Keywords:System Variable, Copy, numeric precision, full precision, paste, digits, decimal, significant digits