3.114 FAQ-665 How do I exclude outliers from an graphing or analysis routine without deleting the data?

Last Update: 7/28/2018

Origin provides a Mask that allows you to exclude specific data points or ranges on graph, you can:

  • On a scatter plot, click the outlier point twice to select it, right click, and select Mask to mask the point.
  • On a scatter/line plot, use Mask Point on Active Plot Button Selection On Active Plot.png or Mask Point on All Plot Button Selection On All Plots.png tool in Tools toolbar to select and mask ranges in graph. You can use the Space key to toggle the tool between Rectangular selection or arbitrary region selection.
  • In a worksheet, you can highlight the data range and right click and select Mask in the list menu,

Once you have masked points, any fitting or statistics will not consider the masked points to be in the dataset.

Keywords:Outliers, Mask Data