4.32 FAQ-392 How can I encrypt my Origin C file?

Last Update: 8/27/2015

To encrypt an Origin C file in Origin, you can either directly create an encrypted OCZ file or save an existing *.c or *.cpp file as encrypted *.ocz file.

Users should always make a backup of their code before encryption since the encrypted file cannot be recovered once the password is forgotten.

To Create an Encrypted OCZ File

Go to File:New in Code Builder or click the New Button Button New.png on the Standard toolbar. This action opens the New File dialog box. Select OCZ File on the top left panel and input a file name under File Name:, then click OK. It will bring up the Password dialog box, input a password in New Password and confirm the password in Confirm New Password, click OK to finish. The created OCZ file by default will be saved in OriginC subfolder under User File Folder.

To Save an Existing Source Files as Encrypted File

Firstly open the file in Code Builder. Then go to File:Save As... to bring up Save As dialog box. Add extension .ocz right behind the file name and click Save. It will also bring up the Password dialog box, enter password and confirm it to convert existing source file to encrypted *.ocz file.

When an encrypted OCZ file is open in Origin session, user can choose to re-save the *.ocz file as not encrypted *.c or *.cpp by selecting menu File: Save As and choose a file type in Save as type drop-down list.

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