6.75 FAQ-1083 How to deploy a Service Release at Multi-user Sites silently?

Last Update: 1/13/2021

Note: Origin provides a Group Folder tool to distribute files, by which you can set up a Group Leader for publishing a patch to members of the group. Please refer to this page for details.

If you have a multi-seats package and want to deploy a Service Release silently,

  1. Obtain and save the patch to any location on the target computer or on a networked drive.
  2. To run the patch silently, write a script to run the patch on the target computer, using the /S switch, as in:
    <path>\<patch file> /S

    For example, if the patch is saved on c:\773d-725c-sr0tosr1.exe, then your script would run:

    c:\773d-725c-sr0tosr1.exe /S

    As long as Origin has been run at least once on the target computer, the patch program will locate the Origin folder to patch.

  3. After the patch program completes, a VisualPatchLogSr1.txt file is saved to the Origin \Updates\ folder. This file contains a list of all the files patched.
  4. For the case where Origin has NOT been run on the target computer yet, you must create an initialization file that specifies the location of the Origin program folder, assuming you are running the patch from a location other than the Origin \Updates\ folder. The initialization file must contain the following content:
    %AppFolder%=<path to Origin program folder>

    For example:

    %AppFolder%=C:\Program Files\OriginLab\Origin 85\

    To specify this initialization file when running the patch silently, your script would need to include this syntax:

    <path>\<patch file> "/S:<path and initialization file name>"

    For example:

    c:\773d-725c-sr0tosr1.exe "/S:c:\silentPatch.ini"

    If the Program Files area may be in a different location on different computers, then you can use the %ProgramFilesFolder% notation in your initialization file, as follows:

    %AppFolder%=%ProgramFilesFolder%\OriginLab\Origin 85\

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