2.4 FAQ-411 What is the difference between ASCII import and the Import Wizard?

Last Update: 1/7/2019

The Import Wizard supports import of ASCII and simple Binary (an optional header section followed by a sequential binary structure) data files. The Import Wizard gives you many options for importing and provides an import preview, allowing you to adjust settings as you go. The Import Wizard can also handle importing data into Origin via the Clipboard. The wizard can be used to create custom filter files for each of your file types. Once you've created your filter(s), subsequent files are easily imported by drag-and-drop onto the Origin workspace.

The Data: Import from File: Single ASCII menu works well for importing less complex ASCII files. You may wish to choose this menu option if your file consists of few header lines (a short description for the file and then names and units for the columns) and the data columns are delimited in an orderly fashion. You can also check the Show Options Dialog and set some options similar to what can be done in Import Wizard, but without a preview.

The Data: Import from File: Multiple ASCII menu works the same as Single ASCII, but the Show Options Dialog is checked by default.

The Single and Multiple ASCII import options dialogs allow you to save your settings into the worksheet or as a Theme file.

In the fly-out menu of the triangle next to the Dialog Theme, if you choose the Save to <Sheet> item, the settings are saved to the sheet. You can then save the workbook as a template and Origin will use those settings during ASCII Import even when you do not open the Options dialog.

If you save dialog box settings as a Theme, they are saved to disk independently of any template. You can save many such Themes to disk and pick the right Theme for the current file from the fly-out in the impASC dialog before import. You can also select these Themes from the Data: <Recent used items> menu.

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