Editing the Microsoft Visual C++ Project Settings

After closing the Origin Dialog AppWizard and the New Project Information dialog you will need to follow the steps below to edit a few Microsoft Visual C++ project settings. Wherever you see the text <Your Project Name> below substitute the name of your Visual C++ project that you entered on the first page of the Origin Dialog AppWizard.

  • 1 In Microsoft Visual C++ select the Build:Set Active Configuration menu item, choose <Your Project Name> - Win32 Release from Project Configurations, and then click OK to close the Set Active Project Configuration dialog box.

Editing the Microsoft Visual CPlusPlus Project Settings image85.gif

  • 2 Select the Project:Settings menu item, select the Link tab in the Project Settings dialog, and then clear and enter <Your Project Name>.DLL for Output file name. Click OK.

Editing the Microsoft Visual CPlusPlus Project Settings image86.gif