1.11.4 Exporting Videos

Version Info

Minimum Origin Version Required: Origin 9 SR0

Origin allows user to create a video with a collection of graphs. Origin C allows access to this ability using the Video Writer, you can define the video codec for compression (Please refer to FourCC Table for more details.), create a video writer project specifying the video name, path, speed and dimension, write graph pages as frames.

Note: To use the video writer, you must include its head file:

#include <..\OriginLab\VideoWriter.h>

The following example will write each graph in the project as a frame into the video, and the video is uncompressed with 2 frames/second speed and 800px * 600 px dimension.

    // Use the raw format without compression.
    int codec = CV_FOURCC(0,0,0,0); 

    // Create a VideoWriter object.
    VideoWriter vw;
    int err = vw.Create("D:\\example.avi", codec, 2, 800, 600);
    if (0 == err)
      foreach(GraphPage grPg in Project.GraphPages)

      // write the graph page into the video
      err = vw.WriteFrame(grPg);

    // Release the video object when finished.

    return err;

The following example shows how to individually write a graph page into video and define the number of frames of this graph page in the video.

   GraphPage gp("Graph1");

   // The defined graph page will last for 10 frames.
   int nNumFrames = 10;

   vw.WriteFrame(gp, nNumFrames);