8.3.8 Zooming In or Out on the Graph Page

Use these features to change the view of the graph page:

Zoom In/Out Restore page to 100% view. Zoom All
  • View : Zoom In / View : Zoom Out in the menu
  • Ctrl + I / Ctrl + M key
  • Zoom-Panning Tool button Button Panning.png + + / - key
  • A + + / - key
  • Ctrl key + Mouse Wheel
  • A key + Mouse Wheel
  • View: Whole Page in the menu
  • Ctrl + W key
  • Zoom-Panning Tool button Button Panning.png + Z + Home key
  • View: Zoom All in the menu
    (Zoom out to show all elements in graph window.)
Enter the percent in the Zoom combo tool Button Size Percent.png on the Standard toolbar.

If you select View: Zoom In/ View : Zoom Out menu or use the hot keys Ctrl + I, to zoom in/ out the desired zoom location in the graph window, you need to click the location after you select the menu command or press the hot keys. After that, if you want to zoom in/ out further, you need to re-select the menu command or re-press the hot keys.

In contrast, the hot keys, Ctrl + M, Ctrl + mouse wheel, A key + mouse wheel and A + +/-, can zoom in/out on the desired zoom location consecutively.

Note: Don't confuse these page zooming features with the Axis Zoom In and Axis Zoom Out shortcut menu commands, which are available by right-clicking on the graph axes. The page zooming features only enlarge a portion of the graph page; Axis Zoom In and Axis Zoom Out actually rescale the graph axes (changing the From and To axis scale values).