13.2 The X-Function Builder Dialog Box

The X-Function Builder dialog box (see the picture below) is used for creating and editing of X-Functions -- both system and user-defined. It is opened from the Tools menu (Tools: X-Function Builder).

XFunction builder.png

The X-Function Builder dialog box offers two views: the standard view and Tree View. The standard view allows you to name the X-Function and to edit the X-Function variables, but Tree View provides access to a wider range of X-Function properties. You can switch between these two views by clicking the Tree View button Tree View.pngat the top of the dialog box.

There are two menus in this dialog box: the File menu and the Tools menu. The File menu is for creating, opening and saving X-Functions. It also provides shortcuts to the most recently opened X-Functions. The Tools menu can be used for switching between the two views and for opening the current X-Function in the Code Builder workspace. The dialog box toolbar is available in both views.

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