4.2.5 Applying Worksheet Styles and Saving Themes

The worksheet style (or format) is a group of worksheet properties which can be copied to the Windows Clipboard. The worksheet theme is simply a group of worksheet properties that have been saved to a file. Once you save a set of worksheet properties as a Theme file (.OTH), you can reapply or modify them as needed.

The Copy and Paste Format and the Worksheet Theme method which are the same as the customization methods of graph allow you to quickly customize the appearance of one or more worksheets, for instance, you might want to customize your worksheets when preparing documents for publishing in multiple formats. You can use the Copy and Paste Format or the Theme method to copy properties and apply them to one or more selected worksheets, to a current worksheet, to all worksheets in current book, to all worksheet in current folder, or to all worksheets in a project file.

The following page will introduce the two methods above individually.

Copying and Pasting Formats

When copying and pasting a Format, shortcut menu commands and dialog box controls allow you to selectively apply the properties of the worksheet. For the copying and pasting formats of the worksheet and the graph are the same, so you can go to Copying and Pasting Formats for more details. The following is the general steps to copy and paste format.

  1. Create and customize your worksheet.
  2. Right-click on title bar of the worksheet or on the gray area of the worksheet and select Copy Format: Colors, Copy Format: Fonts or Copy Format: All from the fly-out menu.
  3. Select a target worksheet, right-click on title bar of the worksheet or on the gray area of the worksheet and select Paste Format.

Saving Formats to a Theme

We can also save the worksheet format properties as a theme, which can be applied in the future using Preferences: Theme Organizer

If you have already had a customized worksheet and wish to save its styles and formats as a theme file, you can do as follows:

  1. Enter following in the Command Window and press Enter to run it. This enables the menu commands that allow access to the Worksheet Theme Editor dialog.
    @WEF = 1;
  2. Right-click on the title bar of the worksheet or on the gray area of the worksheet and then select Edit Formatting from the context menu.
  3. In the opened Worksheet Theme Editor dialog, edit the theme and then click the Save As button. For more information about the dialog, please refer to the Worksheet Theme Editor page.
Notes:: To show the Editing Formatting menu in future Origin sessions, choose Preferences: System Variables to open Set System Variables dialog. Set WEF to 1.