Theme Properties Filtering

This tool provides an alternate way of editing Themes. By enabling/ disabling a check box in the Category Filters group or the Property Type Filter group, you can easily add/ reduce a group of properties in the theme.

Theme Properties Filtering-1.png

Theme Properties Filtering Controls

Category Filters This group lists 9 Category Filters which can be used to include or exclude one or several categories of properties. Available categories include: Text Labels, Other Labels, Axes Scale, Axes Styles, Data Plots, Background, Dimension, Global Styles, Others. To remove the properties of a category, you just need to clear the corresponding check box for the group and then click the Apply Filter button.
Property Type Filter This group lists 10 Property Type Filters which can be used to include/ exclude one or several types of properties from the theme file. Available property types include: Font, Color, Line, Symbol, Fill, Size, Show, Border, Other, Text. To remove a type of properties, you just need to disable the corresponding checkbox in this group and then click the Apply Filter button to apply it.
Total Number of Properties (Size) This non-editable text shows the total number of object properties that are stored in the Theme. It will decrease or increase as object properties are removed from or added to the Theme.
Property/Value list control This table lists all the properties in the theme file, which will be updated automatically according to the changes of the Category of Filter and the Property Type Filter. Please note that the properties here cannot be edited. The default style of the list is in the tree view. You can change to list view by selecting the List View check box to the right of the dialog.

You can also right-click on a property or a branch of the tree, then choose Delete from shortcut menu to delete it. You can right-click on the icon of a folder (the "tree node") to select the Add from the context menu to add more properties/branches to the tree. After you've deleted or added a property, the Total Number above this table will be updated automatically.

Theme edit shortcut menu.png

In addition, you can use the shortcut menu to expand or collapse the selected node.

OK Apply the selected changes to the Theme and close the dialog.
Cancel Cancel all the changes and close the dialog box.
Apply Filter Include or exclude the properties to the theme file according to the changes in the Category Filter and Property Type groups.
Restore Restore the default dialog settings.
List View Select this check box to show the properties in List View.
Show Collections Select this check box to display the branches of the trees which have collection members (for example a Layer collection which could contain Layer1, Layer2 etc).