17.1.1 Statistics on Columns


Descriptive statistics are used to describe the basic characteristics of datasets. Descriptors such as the mean score, standard derivation, quantiles and number of samples, are calculated.


Handling Missing Values

Missing values in the data range will be excluded in analysis. The Statistics on Columns dialog provides the option to output the number of missing values in each column/group.

From Origin 2015, missing values in the grouping range and the corresponding data values will be excluded in analysis. In the previous version, missing values in the grouping range will be considered as a group.

Performing Statistics on Columns

To calculate descriptive statistics on a range of data:

  1. Select Statistics: Descriptive Statistics: Statistics on Columns. This opens the Statistics on Columns dialog box.
  2. Specify the data range to be analyzed in the Input Data branch and specify descriptive statistics in the Quantities to Compute branch.
  3. Optionally, specify a grouping variable in the Grouping Range if you would like summary statistics produced by group. If you specify a Weighting Range, summary statistics will be weighted by the factor specified in the corresponding cell. Lists under the Computation Control branch provide options for calculating moments and quantites.
  4. Upon clicking OK, a report table sheet is created to show all the specified statistics.

The locked result flat worksheet output from Statistics on Columns can be sorted by highlighting the reference sorting column and right click to select Sort Worksheet.

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