Mini Toolbar: Select a Region to Zoom

When the cursor is on Pointer mode Button Pointer.png, select a rectangle region (red border) inside a graph layer, then the Mini Toolbar will show and supply Scale In and Enlarge to Separate Graph tools.

Selection Region to Zoom.png

Scale In

  • Selecting the Scale In button Popup Scale In.png in the Mini Toolbar, the graph layer will be scaled in the selected region.
  • To roll back to original scale, you can select Edit: Undo Zoom In/Out in the menu, or press Ctrl + Z to undo the previous action.
Selection Region Scale In 01.gif
  • In the graph with multiple layers, when you apply scale in a layer, other layers will follow this action.
Selection Region Scale In 02.gif

Enlarge to Separate Graph

  • Selecting the Enlarge to Separate Graph button Popup Enlarge to Separate Graph.png in the Mini Toolbar, it will add a new graph window named Enlarged for the selected region.
  • When drag and drop the rectangle region, the scale of the new graph window will auto update.
  • Delete the rectangle region in the original graph, the new graph window will be deleted too.
Enlarge to Separate Graph.gif

To add one more "Enlarged" graph window for zooming another region:

  • Right-click on the rectangle region to select Duplicate; Move the rectangle to the interesting region.