29.9.13 Parallel Plot

Parallel Plot Color Scale.png

Data Requirements

Select at least two columns of values or a range of values from at least two columns. Plot designation does not matter; selected columns will be treated as Y columns.

Creating the Graph

  1. Select required data.
  2. Select Plot > Categorical: Parallel Plot.


  1. Click the Parallel Plot button Button parallel plot.png on the 2D Graphs toolbar.
Parallel Coordinates Plot 02.png

For information on the customizing parallel plots, see these topics:


Parallel.otpu (installed to the EXE folder of Origin)


  1. There are three parallel plot variations:
  2. Parallel plot variations.png
    • The basic parallel plot (Plot > 2D: Parallel Plot: Parallel Plot), plots variables on continuous (numeric) scales and uses a color scale for the graph legend.
    • The parallel index plot (Plot > 2D: Parallel Plot: Parallel Index) also plots variables on continuous scales but uses a grouping column (a column of Categorical Data) to create the legend and assign plot color.
    • The parallel sets plot (Plot > Categorical: Parallel Sets/Parallel Set with Weight) plots categorical variables on each axis, without/with weighting on each flow.
  3. When you drag and drop a column of values to a parallel plot, the new column will be added to the last.