The (Plot Details) Labels Tab for Chord Diagram

This tab can be used to control all kinds of labels in a chord diagram.
The (Plot Details) Labels Tab for Chord.png


Specify how to show the titles for all the nodes.


Specify show the titles outside or inside nodes, with or without an offset.


Specify the font and format for the title text.

Wrap Test by Number of Character

Specify whether wrap the text when the text is longer than the number of characters entered in the Minimum Width box.

Tick Labels

Hide 1st Label

Specify whether hide the first label(the start point of tick label, it is mostly 0) for all nodes.


Specify the font and general format for the tick labels.

Please note, when you check Emphasis, that means the Bold, Italic and Underline label formats of the tick labels will follow that of Title. Uncheck it to edit the formatting buttons separately.


Specify the Numeric Format, prefix and suffix for the tick labels


Specify the offset of the tick labels, from the nodes and along the radius. The unit of this control is % of font height.


Specify to show what as the tick labels, Weight, Percentage(in whole weight), or Weight and Percentage both.

Decimal Places(for %)

Specify the decimal places, when you selected to show percentage in the tick labels.

Line and Ticks

This control group can be used to customize the ticks.

Major Tick Increment

Specify the increment value for the major ticks.


Specify the tick length for the major tick in the unit "points".

Minor Tick Count

Specify the count number of the minor ticks within one major scale.


Specify the tick length for the minor tick in the unit "points".


Specify the color of the line and ticks.

Show Last Tick and Label

Specify whether show the last tick and its tick label. You can use this control to hide the last tick and its labels to avoid the overlap with the first tick of next node.

Hide Labels if Percentage Less than(%)

Hide all the labels(Title and Tick Labels) of the node, when its percentage (in total weight of all nodes) is less than a specified value.