The (Plot Details) Color List tab

Note that for Origin 2020 and later, the Color List tab is completely removed. To edit color, go to the Plot Details tab for the element that you want to customize (e.g. for scatter plots, the Symbol tab).

Origin Versions 2019b and older

This Plot Details tab is only available when you vary color By Points, then you choose Color Options of Indexing or Increment from.

Color List Tab 00.png

Origin 2019 begins a phase-out of the Color List tab. To edit a color list in Origin 2019 or later, go to the color control for a particular element -- Symbol Edge Color, Line Color, Pattern Fill Color, etc. -- and click the list control (downward-pointing arrow) beside that element. On the By Points tab (see image above), click the pencil icon Button edit pencil.png at the right end of the color list and this will open the Increment Editor, giving you access to the color list.

Color List Tab 01.png

For information on customizing the color list, see these topics: