The (Plot Details) Arrow Tab

In a 2D line plot, you are allowed to add arrows on the line by checking Show Arrow check box in Line tab of Plot Details dialog. To customzie the arrows, a new tab Arrow will show up to let you customize the arrows.

The (Plot Details) Arrow Tab 01.png

Note: All these controls are similar with the Arrow group in Line tab for 3D Scatter/Trajectory/Vector graph.


Determines the length of the arrowheads. It is the length of the arrow's base and its unit is by points.

Arrow On 3D ConnectLine.png


Determines the arrowhead angles in degrees.


Specify a color for the arrows added.

Distance between Arrows

Determines the distance between two adjacent arrows. The value entered here is the multiplier of arrow length, the default value is 5.

Curve Tolerance

Specify the maximum amount of curvature allowed when placing arrows on the lines. It is same as the Curve Tolerance option in Contour Label tab.

Curve Tolerance = Arrow Length along Curve/Straight Line Distance

Show Arrow for End/Start

Show Arrow for End check box is selected by default, It is used to decide whether show an arrow at the last point. If the distance between last point and last arrow is less than the half of the distance between arrows, show last arrow at last point instead of original place. Otherwise, an additional arrow will be added at last point.

Show Arrow for Start is used to decide whether show an arrow at first point. It is unchecked by default which means first arrow should be added at the position of first point+distance.