2.3 Notes Window

Notes Windows-1.png

Notes windows are a text-only Origin child window useful for:

  • Using Text, Origin Rich Text, HTML syntax or MarkDown syntax to make notes for sharing or recording the information .
  • recording analysis procedures and displaying results, including the tables and graphs. The graphs can be shown on the Notes window by rendering the HTML or MarkDown link syntax.

An Origin project file can have any number of Notes windows. You can save the contents of notes windows with the Origin project file, or you can save the contents of a notes window as a TXT file, HTML file or a MarkDown file.

Since Origin 2022b, Notes window supports modes:

The HTML and MarkDown mode allows you to type HTML/MarkDown syntax, in which you can refer to Origin graph, image in matrix, analysis table and any worksheet cells. When the source changes, the linked in Notes window also get updated. The HTML/MarkDown mode makes it possible for Notes window to serve as an analysis report.

Topics covered in this section: