2.2.3 Matrixsheet and Matrix Object Naming Conventions

This topic discusses naming of Origin matrixsheets and matrix objects. Matrixbook naming is covered in the topic Origin Child Window Naming Conventions.

The matrix window may contain up to 1024 matrixsheets. With the exception of matrices that were created with earlier versions of Origin, all matrixsheets are named. Matrixbooks have a Short Name and a Long Name but matrixsheets have only one name.

Notes: > 255 sheets requires saving file to Unicode (e.g. *.opju) file format. Unicode formats not compatible with Origin versions prior to Origin 2018 SR0

Matrix objects can have two names, but the name that Origin uses is a number that represents the order of matrix object creation within a given matrixsheet.

Origin matrixsheet naming conventions

Default name: MSheetN(Short Name) Optional name: user-specified (Long Name)

Rules for matrixsheet Short Names:

  • Must be unique (within the matrixbook).
  • Can contain spaces, numbers and special characters.
  • Can begin with a letter or number, or a special character (e.g. !, @, #, %).
  • Limited to 32 characters, including spaces.

You can rename the Origin Matrixsheet name by one of the following:

  • Double-clicking on the Matrixsheet tab at the bottom of the sheet.
  • Right-clicking on the window title of Matrixsheet and choosing Show Organizer. Select Data Sheets on the left panel and enter/edit Name in the right panel.
  • Right click the Matrixsheet tab and select Name and Notes to specify the name in appeared dialog.

Origin matrix object naming conventions

Default name: 1, 2, 3, 4 ...

Optional name: user-specified

The default name -- the matrix object index number -- is fixed and represents the order of object creation within a given sheet. It cannot be changed. However, you can add an optional long name by clicking on the object index number in the upper right corner of the matrixsheet and choosing Rename from the shortcut menu.

Rules for matrix object optional names:

  • does not need to be unique within the sheet.
  • allows special characters and spaces.
  • limited to 40 characters, including spaces.

References to matrix data

When performing graphing or analysis operations, matrix object data are selected or identified using a standard syntax that combines the matrix window name, the matrixsheet name and the matrix object index number or Long Name:


Note that, unlike the worksheet, the matrix object contains only a single dataset. Plotting operations work on the entire dataset but some analysis operations can operate on a subset of the matrix data

Note: References to the selected data range in the user interface (as in the Plot Details dialog box, for instance) will use Long Names, assuming (1) they have been defined and (2) you have selected Use Long Names when available in the Options dialog box (Preferences: Options: Miscellaneous). Otherwise, Short Names are used.