Import Wizard, The Header Bytes Page (Binary)

Use this page to define the binary file header and to extract variables from the header for later use.

Header Bytes Page Binary.png

Header Bytes Controls

Number of header bytes

Specify the number of bytes in the binary file header section by typing in a number or select the header section graphically. To select graphically, place the cursor at the desired location in either preview panel (HEX or ASCII), and then click the refresh button Refresh.png to the right of the Number of header bytes text box.

Preview font

Select a font for the Preview window.

Big-Endian byte order

Use this check box to specify the byte order of the import data.

Preview Window

The left panel displays the data in byte form, while the right panel shows the data as ASCII text. You can place the cursor on either panel to select Number of header bytes or Byte Offset graphically.


Define header variables

Select this box to define and extract variables from the header section of the file. Selecting the box enables other page controls used in defining of variables.

Byte Offset

Enter a variable's byte offset (in the header section) in this text box. The hex or ASCII data file displays update to reflect the offset.

You can graphically specify the byte offset by clicking in the hex or ASCII data file views. The text box is updated with the byte offset value.

The Variable Definitions Group

Once you specify the byte offset:

  1. Highlight the bytes in the display that correspond to your variable.
  2. Select a variable type from the Type list. The value of the variable is displayed in the non-editable Value view box below.
  3. Click Add to add a variable to the list of variables (the list box to the lower-right) to be stored in the target page.
  4. To remove a variable, select the variable in the box to the right and click Remove.