8.4 Graph Axes

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Most graph axis properties are controlled via the Axis dialog box. Each graph layer has a separate Axis dialog box that controls all axes associated with that layer (including axes that are not displayed).

To open the Axis dialog box for a particular layer:

  1. Activate the layer by selecting the appropriate graph layer icon in the upper-left hand corner of the graph window.
  2. From the menu, choose Format: Axes (X Axis..., Y Axis..., Z Axis...).


  1. Double-click on the graph axis or tick labels.


  1. Right-click on the layer icon and select Axes....


  1. Right-click on the blank space inside a layer and select Axes from the context menu.

Note that you can edit the properties for any axis in a given layer without closing the Axis dialog box. To switch axes, select the appropriate axis icon from the Selection list box. To incorporate changes made to a graph axis without closing the Axis dialog box, click the Apply button.

Starting with Origin 2017, multi-layer graphs will display a Layer list at the bottom of the Axis dialog box. This lets you switch between layers in a multi-layer graph, saving you the trouble of opening an Axis dialog for each layer.

Switch layers control.png

For information on... These customizations... See these topics in the Origin Help file...
Axis scale control

Axis scale type (linear, log10, ln, probability, etc.)

Axis scale range and rescale behavior (automatic, manual, fixed from, fixed to, etc.)

Tick frequency (increment, number of major and minor ticks, etc.)

Major tick labels

Show/hide labels on major ticks

Tick label type (numeric, time, date, month, text from dataset, etc.)

Tick label format and display options

Minor tick labels

Show/Hide labels on minor ticks

Show/Hide minor labels on major ticks

Minor tick label formatting options (enable minor labels, display plus and minus signs, % offset from major labels, etc.)

Custom tick labels Rotate and offset tick labels
Show/Hide first and last tick labels

Create special tick labels

Grid lines

Show/Hide grid lines (horizontal and vertical) at major and minor ticks

Format grid lines
Axis breaks Create and format an axis break
Miscellaneous axis formatting

Show/hide axis and ticks

Edit axis title

Point of axis intersection

Tick mark format

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