28.1.16 The Format Toolbar

Button Format.png

The Format Toolbar buttons are available to format selected cells in the worksheet as well as annotations on your graph.

Button Font.png

Sets the text label font

Button Size.png

Sets the text label font size

Button Bold.png


Button Italic.png


Button Underline.png


Button Superscript.png


Button Subscript.png


Button SuperSubscript.png


Button Greek.png

Greek letter (Default = TT Symbol Font)

Button Increase Font.png

Increase font size

Button Decrease Font.png

Decrease font size

Button Align Left.png

Align text horizontall left

Button Align Center Horizontall.png

Align text horizontall center

Button Align Right.png

Align text horizontall right

Button Align Top.png

Align text verticall top

Button Align Center Vertical.png

Align text verticall center

Button Align Bottom.png

Align text verticall bottom

Button Font Color.png

Sets the text label font color