6.5.2 Connecting to Cloud or Opening Files from Cloud

Data Connector can build the connection between Origin worksheet and the data file on your Cloud, Google Drive, OneDrive or SharePoint.

  1. When you select Data : Connect to Cloud or click the Open From Cloud button Button Open From Cloud.png, a little dialog Cloud Storage will appear to let you choose which cloud you want to connect to:
    Choose Cloud.png
  2. Choose the desired cloud. A message will pop up to lead to get your permission on your Cloud account.
    GetPermission for Cloud.png
  3. Click OK button will open the default browser to log in your cloud account and grant the permission. For the details about the process of granting permission, you can follow this video
  4. Once you have granted the permission, close the browser window and click the Refresh button to list all downloadable files in the OneDrive/Google Drive dialog.
    Drive Dilaog.png

For Node-Locked and Concurrent users, Connect to Cloud menu item and Open From Cloud button cannot be used before you activate your Origin properly. Refer to this FAQ for details.

Operations on the OneDrive/Google Drive/SharePoint dialog

  • Switch the cloud server:
    Switch Drive.png
    Once you used this drop-down list to choose another drive, you need go through the steps about granting permission again.
    Browse the files and folders on your Cloud
    You are allowed to explore the files/folders listed in the table.
  • Switch to Another Account on same Cloud
    Switch Account.png
    Click the Account button to open the browser/dialog to switch to another account on current Cloud server.
  • Open/Connect to the File you selected
    Once you selected one file, click Open button to open or connect to this file.
    Note: If you started from the menu Data: Connect to Cloud(a Data Connector), the file you opened will have connection to the original file; If you started from the toolbar button Open From Cloud, click Open button will only open the file without the connection to the original file.

Supported File Types to be Connected or Opened

Connecting to the Files on Cloud

Currently, Connect to Cloud tool supports connecting to the files in the types below, just as the relevant connectors support.

Connector Supported File Types
CSV Connector *.dat, *.csv, *.txt, *.asc
Excel Connector *.xls, *.xlsl, *.xlsm
MATLAB Connector *.mat
Origin Connector *.opju, *.opj, *.ogwu, *.ogw
Shapefile Connector *.shp
N42 Connector *.n42

Opening Files from Cloud

The Open From Cloud button Button Open From Cloud.png imports data from your Google Drive, OneDrive or SharePoint account into an Origin workbook without adding a Data Connector to the workbook.

Open From Cloud Supports these formats: